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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 50, Number 1 (1938)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


A Study of the Home Life of the Eastern Belted Kingfisher. 3-12.
Henry Mousley
The Alexander Wilson Memorial in Indiana. 13-17.
S. E. Perkins Iii
The 1937 Waterfowl Season in the Prince Albert District, Central Saskatchewan. 17-27.
O. C. Furniss
The Northern Bald Eagle in British Columbia. 28-35.
J. A. Munro
Bachman's Warbler in Alabama. 36-41.
Henry M. Stevenson, Jr.
Some Observations on Fall and Winter Food Patches for Birds in Southern Michigan. 42-46.
Durward L. Allen
E. B. Webster, Pioneer Ornithological Publisher. 47-55.
Fred J. Pierce
Editorial. 56.
Proceedings of the Wilson Ornithological Club. 65-80.
Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.

General Notes

Eastern Warbling Vireo in Colorado. 57.
Alfred M. Bailey
A Prairie Falcon and American Rough-Legged Hawk Fight. 57.
Walter W. Bennett
A Plucking Experiment with White-Crowned Sparrows. 57-58.
John T. Emlen, Jr.
Mockingbirds in Western Iowa. 59.
Wilfred D. Crabb
Unusual Shore Birds in Jefferson County, West Virginia. 59.
J. Lloyd Poland
The White-Rumped Sandpiper in Illinois. 59-60.
Frank A. Pitelka, Frank C. Bellrose
Coot Swallowed by Fish. 60.
Clarence Cottam
Song Sparrow Records From the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. 60-61.
Russell K. Grater
The Canada Warbler Breeding Near Toledo, Ohio. 61.
Louis W. Campbell
Nesting of the Least Tern in Iowa. 61.
Bruce F. Stiles
Whooping Cranes in Southwestern Missouri, 1937. 61-63.
Rudolf Bennitt
The English Sparrow and Highway Mortality. 63-64.
Dayton Stoner, Lillian C. Stoner
Records of the Woodcock in Iowa. 64.
W. W. Aitken
Interrupted Egg-Laying of a Marsh Hawk. 64.
Louis W. Campbell
Four Ohio Records of Golden Eagle. 64.
Katie M. Roads

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