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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 49, Number 4 (1937)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Photoperiodicity in Birds. 241-270.
Thomas Hume Bissonnette
The Mockingbird in Western South Dakota. 270-275.
Claude A. Barr
John Maynard Wheaton. 276-282.
Mrs. H. J. Taylor
Winter Nesting and Winter Food of the Barn Owl in South Carolina. 283-285.
Clarence Cottam, A. L. Nelson
Harris's Sparrow in Its Winter Range. 286-292.
Charles E. Harkins
Editorial. 293.
Ornithological Literature. 308-315.
Index for Volume Xlix, 1937. 316-320.

General Notes

Pine Siskins in Western Maryland. 294.
Maurice Brooks
Yellow Rail in Ohio. 294.
Ralph O'Reilly, Jr.
Gull Records for Lake Erie. 294.
M. B. Skaggs
Lapland Longspurs in Kentucky. 294.
Raymond J. Fleetwood
The Starling in Clay County, South Dakota. 294.
Wm. Youngworth
Unusual Sparrow Records From Arizona. 294-295.
Gale Monson
The Carolina Wren in Wisconsin. 295.
Douglas E. Wade
Some Interesting Killdeers. 295-296.
Amos W. Butler
Wayne's Clapper Rail Carries Its Young. 296-297.
Ivan R. Tomkins
Melanism in the American Rough-Legged Hawk. 297-298.
Bruce F. Stiles
The Herring Gull Colony at Bridge Lake, British Columbia. 298-300.
J. A. Munro
Bird Records From the Allegany State Park. 300-302.
Irving William Knobloch
Snowy Egrets at Pymatuning Lake, Pennsylvania. 302.
Reinhold L. Fricke
The Pileated Woodpecker in Clayton County, Iowa. 302-303.
M. Ellen Thornburgh
Some New and Unusual Bird Records From Utah. 303-305.
C. Lynn Hayward
Neighborly Wood Thrushes and Other Birds. 305-306.
Katie M. Roads
Records From Southeastern Missouri. 306-307.
James W. Cunningham

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