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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 48, Number 3 (1936)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Analytical Studies of Group Behavior in Birds. 145-151.
W. C. Allee
Notes on the Horned Larks of the Central Ohio Region. 151-155.
Charles F. Walker, Milton B. Trautman
Thomas Leroy Hankinson. 156-158.
Norman A. Wood
Frequency of Occurrence of Summer Birds in Northern Michigan. 158-163.
Jean M. Linsdale
An Unusual Colony of Alder Flycatchers. 164-168.
Louis W. Campbell
A Study of the Ring-Billed Gull in Alberta. 169-180.
J. A. Munro
Franklin J. W. Schmidt. 181-186.
Aldo Leopold
Winter Food of the Sharp-Tailed Grouse and Pinnated Grouse in Wisconsin. 186-203.
F. J. W. Schmidt
The First Descriptions of North American Birds. 203-215.
O. A. Stevens
Observations on Nests and Young of the Coot. 216-218.
George O. Hendrickson
Communications. 225.
Editorial. 226.
Membership Roll. 227-240.

General Notes

A Third Three-Egg-Set of the Eastern Mourning Dove. 219.
Katie M. Roads
The European Starling in Osceola County, Iowa. 219.
O. S. Thomas
The American Woodcock in Mahaska County, Iowa. 219.
W. W. Aitken
Black Vultures Kill and Eat New-Born Lambs. 219.
Katie M. Roads
Another Record of the American Egret in Polk County, Iowa. 219.
Walter Rosene, Jr.
The Red-Shafted Flicker in Boone County, Iowa. 219-220.
Walter M. Rosene
Bird Notes From Morris County, New Jersey. 220.
Paul Murphy
A Herring Gull Attacked by a Bald Eagle. 220-221.
Hustace H. Poor
Effects of the Severe Winter of 1935-36 on Bird Life in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Area. 221-222.
Perry Frank Johnson
The 1935 Fall Migration at the Washington Monument. 222-224.
Robert Overing
Bird Banding in Luce County, Michigan, in the Winter of 1935-36. 224.
Oscar Mckinley Bryens
Concerning the Southern Range of the Cowbird. 224.
Harold H. Bailey

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