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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 47, Number 2 (1935)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


A Study of the Nesting and Family Life of the Red-Throated Loon. 97-103.
R. A. Johnson, Hazel S. Johnson
The Constancy of Catbirds to Mates and to Territory. 104-106.
Geoffrey Gill
Forest Edge Birds and Exposures of their Habitats. 106-109.
J. Richard Carpenter
Notes on Nestling Robins. 109-111.
W. J. Hamilton, Jr.
The Duck Situation in the Prince Albert District, Central Saskatchewan. 111-119.
O. C. Furniss
Erythrocytes and Hemoglobin in the Blood of Some American Birds. 120-124.
L. B. Nice, Margaret M. Nice, Ruth M. Kraft
Food Habits of Burrowing Owls in Northwestern Iowa. 125-128.
Paul L. Errington, Logan J. Bennett
Bird Migration Records From Southeastern Wyoming. 129-157.
Otto C. Mccreary, Arthur B. Mickey
Ornithological Literature. 166-174.
Editorial. 175-176.

General Notes

The Starling in Southeastern South Dakota. 158.
William Youngworth
A Red-Shafted Flicker Secured at Des Moines, Iowa. 158.
Philip A. Dumont
A Cowbird Removes a Robin's Egg. 158.
Benedict J. Blincoe
Apparent Scarcity of Certain North Dakota Birds. 158-159.
Wm. Youngworth
The House Wren. 159.
M. S. Hill
Winter-Killing of Mourning Doves in Central Iowa. 159-160.
Paul L. Errington
Some Bird Notes From Utah. 160.
D. Elmer Johnson
A Blue-Winged Warbler Record for Decatur County, Indiana. 160-161.
Grant Henderson
Observations on Some Breeding Birds of Mount Timpanogos, Utah. 161-162.
C. Lynn Hayward
Prairie Falcon Records From Northwestern Iowa. 162-163.
Philip A. Dumont
The Golden Plover in Indiana. 163.
Mrs. Horace P. Cook
Notes on Some Winter Birds of Southwestern Ohio. 163-165.
Karl H. Maslowski
The Present Status of the Olive-Sided Flycatcher As a Breeding Bird in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. 165.
Thomas D. Burleigh

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