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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 46, Number 4 (1934)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Reminiscences of the Iowa Ornithological Association. 217-222.
Carl Fritz Henning
Distribution of Black-Throated Green Warblers and Wilson's Warblers Wintering in Cameron County, Texas, During the Season of 1933-1934. 223-227.
L. Irby Davis
Some Observations on a Pair of Red-Tailed Hawks. 228-235.
Pennoyer F. English
Further Notes on a Very Old Cardinal. 236-237.
Albert F. Ganier
Hurricanes and Subspecific Variation. 238-240.
Ivan R. Tomkins
Some Observations on Birds in Southeastern Oklahoma. 240-242.
Albert H. Trowbridge, H. L. Whitaker
Some Changes in the Breeding Birds of Upshur County, West Virginia. 243-247.
Maurice Brooks
Hawks and their Nests in Michigan. 248-253.
Lawrence Ward
Editorial. 254-255.
Ornithological Literature. 265-274.
Index for Volume Xlvi, 1934. 275-288.

General Notes

Notes From Union County, South Dakota. 256.
Wm. Youngworth
The First Nesting Record of the Eastern Savannah Sparrow for West Virginia. 256.
Thos. E. Shields
Florida Gallinule in Lewis County, West Virginia. 256.
Maurice Brooks
Ruffed Grouse and Hawk Survival. 256-257.
William P. Hainsworth
Baird's Sparrow at Home. 257.
Wm. Youngworth
The Western Blue Grosbeak in Iowa. 257.
Wm. Youngworth
Nesting of the Kentucky Warbler in Butler County, Ohio. 257-258.
Clark K. Lloyd
Some Bird Observations in Howard County, Missouri. 258-259.
William Jenner
Eastern Goshawk Flights in West Virginia. 259.
Maurice Brooks
Winter Birds of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 259-260.
Lawrence E. Hicks
A Close Up of the Cardinal. 260-261.
Mrs. Horace P. Cook
Observations on the Chimney Swift. 262.
Lawrence E. Hunter
Observations of the Ferruginous Rough-Leg in Iowa. 262.
Philip A. Dumont
Changes in the Habits of the Prairie Chicken. 262-263.
Wm. Youngworth
A Snowy Heron Record for Franklin County, Indiana. 263-264.
Grant Henderson
The Turkey Vulture in Southern Arizona. 264.
Anders H. Anderson

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