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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 46, Number 2 (1934)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Field Observation in Economic Ornithology. 73-90.
E. R. Kalmbach
Ninety Minutes with Robert Ridgway. 90-92.
Dayton Stoner
A Hawk Census From Arizona to Massachusetts. 93-95.
Margaret Morse Nice
Observations on a Few Breeding Birds in Northeastern Ohio. 96-103.
John W. Aldrich
Further Additions to the List of Birds Victimized by the Cowbird. 104-114.
Herbert Friedmann
Editorial. 115.
Ornithological Literature. 129-136.

General Notes

An Unusual Nest of the House Wren. 116.
H. L. Angus
The Western Solitary Sandpiper in Arkansas. 116.
J. D. Black
The Golden Eagle in Northern Louisiana. 116.
John S. Campbell
The Pileated Woodpecker in Decatur County, Indiana. 117.
Grant Henderson
A Red-Tailed Hawk Captures a Fox Squirrel. 117.
Grant Henderson
Michigan Records Questioned. 118.
Norman A. Wood
The 1933 Fall Migration at Cleveland's Public Square. 119.
William H. Watterson
Two Unusual Sight Records at Toledo, Ohio. 119-120.
Louis W., Bernard R. Campbell
On the Specimens of Fregata Magnificens in the University of Iowa Museum. 120-122.
Philip A. Dumont
Some Uncommon Birds Taken Near Toledo, Ohio. 122-123.
Louis W., Bernard R. Campbell
Notes on Some Birds Found in Winter Near Wheatland, Wyoming. 123.
Otto Mccreary
A Double Nest of the Baltimore Oriole. 124-125.
George Miksch Sutton
The Wood Ibis Observed in Southern Indiana. 125-127.
Lawrence E. Hicks
An Early Morning Mixed Migration. 127.
William Youngworth
A Curious Tern Accident. 128.
Ivan Tomkins
The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher Moving Its Nest. 128.
J. J. Murray

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