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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 44, Number 3 (1932)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


A Study of Merriam's Temperature Laws. 129-143.
S. Charles Kendeigh
Life Zones, Modern Ecology, and the Failure of Temperature Summing. 144-157.
Victor E. Shelford
Snow and Goss, the Pioneers in Kansas Ornithology. 158-169.
Mrs. H. J. Taylor
Notes From Central Iowa. 170-177.
Philip A. Dumont
Editorial. 178-179.
Membership Roll. 190-192.

General Notes

A Late Date for the Chimney Swift in Indiana. 180.
Mrs. Horace P. Cook
Two Iowa Duck Records. 180.
F. L. R. Roberts
Great Horned Owls Dying in the Wild From Diseases. 180.
Paul L. Errington
Recent Changes in South Dakota Bird Life. 181.
William Youngworth
Woodcocks and Wood Ducks in Washington County, Iowa. 181-182.
E. L. Breitenbach
The Swallow-Tailed Kite in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. 182.
Myron H. Swenk
An Experiment with Nesting Purple Grackles. 182.
J. J. Murray
A New York Ring-Necked Pheasant Census. 183.
R. G. Johnson
Cedar Waxwings Feeding on Ash Flower Stamens. 183.
A. E. Shirling
Double and Triple Nests of the Red-Winged Blackbird. 184.
Mrs. Jack Hagar
The Chipmunk As an Enemy of Birds. 184-185.
Grant Henderson
The Great Blue Heron Flops on Its Prey. 185.
Harold B. Wood
The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher Moves Its Nest. 185.
C. K. Lloyd
Some Corrections and Additions to the New A. O. U. Check-List. 186-188.
Harold H. Bailey
The Nesting Behavior of a Pair of Mockingbirds. 188-189.
Katie M. Roads
The Re-Use of Nest Material. 189.
Edward R. Ford
An Encounter Between a Cooper's Hawk and a Horned Owl. 189.
Paul L. Errington

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