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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 43, Number 4 (1931)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


The Status, Breeding Range, and Habits of Marian's Marsh Wren. 247-267.
H. E. Wheeler
The American Egret and the Little Blue Heron in Ohio During the Summer of 1930. 268-281.
Lawrence E. Hicks
The Effect of Pole Traps on Harmless and Beneficial Species. 282-292.
H. M. Wight
Winter Food of Oklahoma Quail*. 293-305.
Lois Gould Bird, R. D. Bird
Editorial. 306-307.
Ornithological Literature. 318-326.
Index for Volume Xliii, 1931. 327-334.

General Notes

Starlings in Washington County, Iowa. 308.
Philip A. Dumont
The Brown Pelican in South Dakota. 308.
Adrian Larson
An Additional Observation of Food Regurgitation by Young Kingbirds. 308.
Marie V. Beals
A Probable Extension of the Breeding Range of the Prairie Warbler. 308.
George Lowrey
A Bald Eagle Swims. 308-309.
Robert L. Baird
Records of the White Ibis in Southern Indiana. 309.
Robert B. Gordon
A Virginia Rail Spends a Day in the City. 310.
Mrs. Marie Dales
The Roosting-Place of Fledged House Wrens. 310.
Carl W. Rahe
An Icebound Woodpecker. 310-311.
Grant Henderson
Some Bird Records for South Dakota. 311.
Clarence Cottam
The American Egret in Manistee County, Michigan. 311-312.
Frederick J. Hermann
The Yellow-Throated Vireo Nesting in Buchanan County, Iowa. 312.
Fred J. Pierce
Birds and Motor Cars in South Dakota. 313-314.
Clarence Cottam
Mourning Dove Notes. 314-315.
Cora E. Shoop
Notes on the Nesting Habits of the Hooded Warbler. 316-317.
Eugene P. Odum

Government Notes

The American Egret and Least Tern in South Dakota. 309-310.
Wm. Youngworth

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