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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 43, Number 3 (1931)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


An Analysis of a Series of Photographs of the Common Tern. 165-172.
Olin S. Pettingill, Jr.
Ecological Factors in Migration. 173-176.
Ruskin S. Freer
Pioneers in Economic Ornithology. 177-189.
Mrs. H. J. Taylor
Birds of Southern Louisiana. 190-219.
Alfred M. Bailey, Earl G. Wright
Editorial. 220-222.
Membership Roll. 231-246.

General Notes

Another Early Hour's Bird List. 223.
Helen M. Edwards
Migration Notes From Sioux City, Iowa. 223.
William Youngworth
Pectoral Sandpiper at Winslow, Arkansas. 223.
J. D. Black
The Mating of the Western Mockingbird. 223-224.
Frank F. Gander
Skunks As Prey for Owls. 224.
Laurence M. Huey
Incompatibility of House and California Wrens. 224-225.
Grant Henderson
Bird Notes From Lake County, Ohio. 225-227.
E. A. Doolittle
Some Types of Nests of the Black-Necked Stilt in Florida. 227.
Harold H. Bailey
A Cross Section of Shore-Bird Migration Near Toledo, Ohio. 228-229.
Louis W. Campbell
The Breeding of the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher in Northwestern Iowa. 230.
Margaret L. Weir
Goldfinches Feeding Upon Goatsbeard Seeds. 230.
O. A. Stevens

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