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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 42, Number 3 (1930)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Nesting of the Sandhill Crane in Florida. 163-183.
Ernest G. Holt
The Decline of the Jacksnipe in Southern Wisconsin. 183-190.
Aldo Leopold
Fluctuation of Bird Life with Change in Water Level. 191-193.
E. L. Moseley
The Economic Importance of Birds As Insect Predators. 193-197.
C. N. Ainslie
Birds of the Yellowstone National Park, with Some Recent Additions. 198-210.
Emerson Kemsies
Editorial. 211-212.
Bird Photography. 222-223.
Proceedings. 224.

General Notes

The Pine Grosbeak in South Dakota. 213.
Adrian Larson
A Burrowing Owl Record for Hancock County, Illinois. 213.
Earl L. Lambert
Lesser Snow Geese at Fox Lake, Wisconsin. 213.
A. W. Schorger
Nesting of the Starling in Hancock County, Illinois. 213.
Earl L. Lambert
The Starling in Northern Louisiana. 213.
George Lowery, Jr.
A Flicker Migration in Iowa. 213-214.
William Youngworth
Brewer's Blackbird Nesting in Illinois. 214.
W. I. Lyon
An Unusual Number of Wintering Birds at Hillsboro, Ohio. 214.
Katie M. Roads
Additions to the Easter Birds of Little Egypt. 214-215.
Alvin R. Cahn
Migration Records From North Dakota. 215.
O. A. Stevens
Notes on the Nesting Habits of Bluebirds. 215-217.
C. E. Holcombe
The Evening Grosbeak Nesting in Northern Michigan. 217-218.
Bayard H. Christy
Some Random Bird Notes From Florida. 218-219.
Donald J. Nicholson
Experiences with Song Sparrows in 1929. 219-220.
Margaret M. Nice
Albinism in the Red-Tailed Hawk. 220.
Herbert C. Sanborn
The Matings of the Brown Thrasher. 221.
Samuel Elliott Perkins Iii

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