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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 41, Number 3 (1929)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Harris's Sparrow and the Study of It by Trapping. 129-177.
Myron H. Swenk, O. A. Stevens
Bird Life of a Transient Lake in Kentucky. 177-185.
Gordon Wilson
Editorial. 186-189.
Bird Photography. 197-198.
Proceedings. 199-200.

General Notes

Some Notes From South Carolina. 190.
William Howard Ball
The Lazuli Bunting in Iowa. 190.
William Youngworth
Black Snakes As Bird Killers. 190.
Donald J. Nicholson
The White Pelican at Spirit Lake, Iowa. 190.
F. L. R., Mary Price Roberts
Nesting of the Purple Finch in Arkansas. 190-191.
J. D. Black
The Holboell's Grebe in Iowa in June. 191-192.
Philip A. Dumont
A Query About a Nest Habit of the Pine Siskin. 192.
J. Eugene Law
The Status of Certain East Coast Red-Wing Blackbirds. 192-193.
Harold H. Bailey
The Fecundity of the English Sparrow in Utah. 193-194.
Clarence Cottam
Nesting of the Sparrow Hawk. 194-196.
E. C. Hoffman
Ten Minutes with a Kingbird. 196.
William Youngworth

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