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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 40, Number 4 (1928)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Notes on the Nesting Habits and Songs of the Mockingbird. 209-216.
J. Paul Visscher
On the Status of Harlan's Hawk. 216-218.
G. Eifrig
Traill's Flycatcher in Southern Michigan. 218-221.
Wm. G. Fargo
A Theory of How the Turkey Vulture Finds Its Food. 221-223.
William Brewster Taber, Jr.
A Southward Movement of Breeding Savannah Sparrows in Ohio?. 223-225.
Louis W. Campbell
Nesting Habits of the Seaside Sparrows in Florida. 225-237.
Donald J. Nicholson
Birds of Upper South Carolina: a Study in Geographical Distribution. 238-246.
A. L. Pickens
Editorial. 247-248.
Ornithological Literature. 256-262.
Communications. 263-264.
Index for Volume Xl, 1928. 265-274.

General Notes

The European Starling in Calhoun County, Michigan. 248.
Lawrence Walkinshaw
Breeding of the Florida Gallinule in Lake County, Ohio. 248.
E. A. Doolittle
The Pollination of Scarlet Sage Flowers by Hummingbirds. 248-249.
L. H. Pammel
The Tennessee and Connecticut Warblers in Michigan. 250.
Bayard H. Christy
The European Starling at North Bristol, Trumbull County, Ohio. 250.
Marcia B. Clay
The European Starling in Porter County, Indiana. 250.
Thos. D. Newton
The Snowy Owl in Tennessee. 251.
A. F. Ganier
The Bander Is Found. 251.
Gustav Swanson
The Sycamore Warbler in Arkansas. 251-252.
J. D. Black
A Diurnal Local Migration of the Black-Capped Chickadee. 252.
J. Van Tyne
Magnolia Warblers in Pelham, Massachusetts, in 1928. 252-253.
Margaret M. Nice
The Chestnut-Sided Warbler Nesting Near Toledo, Ohio. 253.
Louis W. Campbell
Why a New Florida Blue Jay?. 254.
Harold H. Bailey
The Morning Twilight Song of the Crested Flycatcher. 255.
Margaret M. Nice

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