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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 39, Number 4 (1927)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Down Bird Island Way. 195-207.
J. J. Carroll
Richardson's Grouse in the Yellowstone Park. 208-214.
M. P. Skinner
Where Do Birds Spend the Night?. 215-217.
Laurence M. Huey
Notes on the Rails. 217-219.
E. D. Nauman
Auxiliary Gun Barrels for Collecting Bird Specimens. 219-222.
W. G. F.
Notes on the Occurrence of Shore Birds and Waterfowl on a New Artificial Lake. 223-228.
Samuel Eddy
A Brief Study of Canadian Life Zone Birds in Highland County, Virginia. 228-230.
John B. Lewis
Editorial. 231.
Bird Banding News. 240-241.
Edward S. Thomas
Munuskong State Park. 242-246.
Dr. K. Christofferson
Announcements. 246-248.
Communications. 248-249.
Frederick C. Lincoln, Thos. H. Whitney
Index for Volume Xxxix, 1927. 250-256.

General Notes

A House Wren Drives Away a Pair of Cardinals. 232.
Mrs. C. G. Schmidt
A House Wren Despoils a Purple Martin Nest. 232.
T. Ross Wallace
Observations on the House Wren in Virginia. 232-233.
John B. Lewis
Watching the House Wrens. 233-234.
Mrs. Arthur Lee
Notes on the Habits of the House Wren. 234-235.
Eliza Dana Weigle
Some Observations Made in Florida and Enroute to Iowa. 235.
Beryl T. Mounts
The Re-Use of Nesting Material by the Migrant Shrike. 235-236.
Gustav Swanson
Further Notes on the Singing of the Magnolia Warbler. 236-237.
Margaret Morse Nice
The Olive-Sided Flycatcher in Oklahoma. 237.
Margaret Morse Nice
Marsh Birds in Delaware County, Ohio. 237-238.
Charles R. Wallace
Notes on an Injured Vesper Sparrow in Captivity. 238-240.
Oscar M. Bryens

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