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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 39, Number 1 (1927)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


The Mentality of the Crow. 5-8.
William Brewster Taber, Jr.
Highway Mortality and Speed of Flight. 8-10.
Lynds Jones
Feathered Victims of the Automobile. 11-12.
Chas. J. Spiker
Tabulating the Feeding of Nestlings. 13-15.
A. E. Shirling
Three Interesting Breeding Records for 1925 From the Piedmont Region of Northeastern Georgia. 15-19.
Thos. D. Burleigh
On the Alder Flycatcher (Empidonax Trailli Alnorum). 20-23.
P. B. Peabody
Summer Birds in the Vicinity of Plum Lake, Vilas County, Wisconsin. 23-34.
Alvin R. Cahn
Editorial. 35.
Bird Banding News Banding Franklin's Gulls in Alberta. 44-49.
William Rowan
Proceedings of the Wilson Ornithological Club. 49-60.
Conservation. 61-64.

General Notes

Two Bird Records From Grafton, North Dakota. 36.
H. V. Williams
Bald Eagles Along the Mississippi River. 36.
Frank C. Pellett
A Lesser Scaup Duck Resembling the Ring-Necked Duck. 36.
Wm. G. Fargo
A Visitation of the Snow Bunting in Iowa. 36.
Chas. J. Spiker
A Late Record of the Mockingbird at Chicago. 36.
Samuel Elliott Perkins, Iii
Notes on the Fall Migration of 1926. 37.
Leroy Titus Weeks
Some Ohio Bird Notes. 37.
James Stevenson
Ground Nesting Habits of the Mourning Dove and Towhee. 37.
Charles R. Wallace
The Purple Gallinule Carries Its Young. 37-38.
Beryl T. Mounts
On the Nidification of the Acadian Flycatcher Again. 38.
Samuel Elliott Perkins, Iii
An Unusual Flight of Snow Geese in the Lake Winnebago Area. 38-39.
Owen J. Gromme
A Loon Strangled by Its Fish Food. 39.
George Miksch Sutton
Some New Bird Records From Jackson County, Michigan. 39-40.
Leonard W., George S., Harold _Xxx_, Maurice Wing
Notes on the Varying Abundance of the Evening Grosbeak in Michigan. 40-41.
O. M. Bryens
An Unusual Nest of the White-Breasted Nuthatch. 41-42.
Lucien Harris
The Flight-Song of the Woodcock. 42-43.
Loring W. Turrell
Warbler Records for 1925 From Central Iowa. 43.
W. M. Rosen

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