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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 37, Number 4 (1925)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Notes on the Nesting of the Goshawk in Potter County, Pennsylvania. 193-199.
George Miksch Sutton
Observations on Shore Birds in Central Oklahoma in 1924. 199-203.
Margaret Morse Nice
The Whip-Poor-Will: Its Prospects of Survival in Southern Iowa. 203-206.
E. D. Nauman
Notes on the Shore Birds of Central Iowa. 206-208.
W. M. Rosen
Summer Birds at Huron Mountain, Michigan. 208-216.
Bayard H. Christy
Editorial. 217-218.
Bird Banding News Banding Ducks at Scobey Lake, Missouri. 228-235.
T. E. Musselman
Notes Here and There. 235-244.
Conservation. 244-247.
Joseph Grinnell
Necrology. 248.
T. C. Stephens
Index for Volume Xxxvii, 1925. 249-256.

General Notes

Occurrence of the Wood Ibis Near Omaha, Nebraska. 219.
H. Gifford
The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher at Sioux City, Iowa. 219.
Chas J. Spiker
White Herons on the Upper Mississippi River. 219-220.
Leroy Titus Weeks
The Egret in Emmett County, Iowa. 220.
B. O. Wolden
The Egret in the Great Miami Valley, Ohio. 220.
Ben J. Blincoe
May Bird Censuses in Dutchess County, New York, During 1925. 220-221.
Maunsell S. Crosby
The Bittern and the Snake. 221-222.
Mary L. Bailey
Further Notes on the Food of the Loggerhead Shrike. 222.
Beryl T. Mounts
Some Experiences with Yellow Warblers. 222-223.
Etta M. Morse
Some Additional Observations Made at My Feeding Station. 223.
O. M. Bryens
House Wrens and Arsenate-Dusted Currant Bushes. 224.
E. C. Hoffman
A Marauding Blue Jay. 224.
Mrs. Marie Dales
An Observation on the Behavior of the Chimney Swift Under Unusual Circumstances. 224-225.
T. H. Whitney
The Prothonotary Warbler at North Bristol, Trumbull County, Ohio. 225.
Marcia B. Clay
The Great Blue Heron in Delaware County, Ohio. 226.
Chas. R. Wallace
Three Bird Records From Crystal Lake, Hancock County, Iowa. 226.
Ira N. Gabrielson
Leconte's Sparrow at Nashville, Tennessee. 227.
Albert F. Ganier

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