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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 29, Number 4 (1917)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


A Day with the Birds of a Hoosier Swamp. 169-175.
Barton Warrren Evermann
Keeping Field Records. 175-177.
A. F. Gainer
The Saving of a Pond, and the Resulting Bird List. 177-182.
Howard C. Brown
Winter Birds About Washington, D. C., 1916-1917. 183-187.
W. L. Mcatee, E. A. Preble, Alexander Wetmore
Another Unusual Laying of the Flicker (Colaptes Auratus Luteus). 188-191.
B. R. Bales
Bert Heald Bailey. 195-197.
T. C. Stephens
The Annual Meeting. 198.
Index. 199-208.

General Notes

A Correction. 192.
F. C. Lincoln
The Florida Gallinule Near Washington, D. C. 192.
Alexander Wetmore
Incidental Records for 1917 (Obtained at Rantoul, Ill). 192-193.
George E. Ekblaw
A Few Interesting Spring Migration Records From Lincoln, Nebraska. 193-194.
John T. Zimmer

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