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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 28, Number 4 (1916)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


The Mating and Nesting Habits of Fregata Aquila. 153-157.
Homer R. Dill
Birds by the Wayside in Greece. 157-171.
Althea R. Sherman
The Albatross of Laysan. 172-175.
Homer R. Dill
The Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla Cedrorum) During July and August, 1916. 175-193.
Katherine C. Post
Editorial. 194.
May Bird Census. 203-205.
F. May Tuttle
Publications Reviewed. 206.
Index Volume XXVIII, 1916. 209-216.

General Notes

Tennessee Ornithological Society. 195.
A. F. Ganier
Incubation Period of Killdeer. 195-196.
Althea R. Sherman
Notes From Lake County, Ohio. 196-198.
E. A. Doolittle
Notes on the Fall Migrations of 1916 in Chicago Area. 199-200.
James D. Watson, Edmund Huesberg
Remarkable Nesting of Cliff Swallows. 200-201.
Manley B. Townsend
Comparative Mid-Winter Temperatures. 201-202.
A. F. Ganier, Lynds Jones
Starlings in Ohio. 202.
Lynds Jones
Late Tree Swallows. 202.

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