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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 28, Number 3 (1916)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


A Strange Nesting of the Barred Owl and Red-Shouldered Hawk. 105-106.
Walter A. Goelitz
Birds by the Wayside. 106-122.
Althea R. Sherman
Fall Migration Records (1906-1915) at Ann Arbor, Michigan. 122-127.
A. D. Tinker, N. A. Wood
An April Day's Migration in the Dakota Valley. 128-129.
Stephen S. Visher
Preliminary List of the Birds of Floyd County, Iowa. 130-138.
Carroll Lane Fenton
Notes on the Breeding Warblers of Tennessee. 138-143.
A. F. Ganifer
The May Bird Census for 1916. 143-147.
Editorial. 148.

General Notes

Nighthawks Nesting on a City Roof. 149-150.
Manley B. Townsend
Incubation Period of Killdeer. 150-151.
J. M. Bates
Little Blue Herons Near Columbus, Ohio. 151.
Mrs. R. O. Ryder

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