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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 26, Number 3 (1914)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


The Prothonotary Warbler at Lake Okoboji, Iowa. 109-116.
T. C. Stephens
Habits of the Old-Squaw (Harelda Hyemalis) in Jackson Park, Chicago. 116-123.
Edwin D. Hull
The Kentucky Warbler in Columbiana County. 123-127.
H. W. Weisgerber
Spring Migration (1914) at Houston, Texas. 128-140.
George Finlay Simmons
The Pine Siskin Breeding in Iowa. 140-146.
W. J. Hayward, T. C. Stephens
Editorial. 147-148.
Reviews of Publications. 153-156.
Robert Ridgway, Harold H. Bailey
Publications Received. 156-157.
Correspondence. 157-161.
T. C. Stephens

Field Notes

An Experience with a Florida Gallinule. 149-150.
Arthur F. Smith
Miniature Earthquake. 150-151.
Arthur F. Smith
Bay Point, Ohio, Migration Notes, 1914. 151-152.
Lynds Jones
The Golden Winged Warbler in Central Iowa. 152.
Ira N. Gabrielson
A Wren Incident. 152.
Ira N. Gabrielson

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