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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 13, Number 1 (1901)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


The Rough-Wings of the Hercules. 1-2.
W. J. Hoxie
Bachman's Sparrow, in Dekalb County, Georgia. 3-5.
Robt. Windsor Smith
Crow Language. 5-9.
Frank L. Burns
A Wisconsin Bird Paradise. 9-10.
E. S. G.
Notes on the Merganser Sub-Family. 10-11.
Wm. B. Haynes
The First 20th Century Horizon at Oberlin, Ohio. 11-13.
Lynds Jones
A Suggestion. 13-15.
Benj. T. Gault
Editorial. 19-22.
Publications Received. 22-28.

General Notes

The Evening Grosbeak. 15.
Ella S. Gibbs
Unusual Actions of a Turkey Vulture, Cathartes Aura. 15.
Frank L. Burns
The Flight Song of the Kentucky Warbler. 16.
Edward Swayne
Food and Gravel. 16-17.
Robert Windsor Smith
Vernancular Ornithology of Delaware. 17-19.
Frank L. Burns

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