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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 11, Number 1 (1899)

Wilson Bulletin
1 (January)


Bachman's Sparrow (Peuc[ae]A [ae]Stivalis Bachmanii) in Virginia. 1-2.
Jno. W. Daniel, Jr.
The Lorain County, Ohio, 1898 Horizon. 2-4.
Lynds Jones
A Shortest-Day-of-the-Year Horizon. 4-5.
W. L. Dawson
December Horizons. 5-7.
Benj T. Gault, W. L. Dawson, J. N. Clark
Flicker Investigation. 10.
Frank L. Burns
Preliminary Announcement of Work for the Committee on Variation.. 10-12.
R. M. Strong
The Work for 1899. 12-13.
Lynds Jones
Editorial. 13-14.
Publications Received. 14.
Officers, Commitees and Members. 15-16.

General Notes

Philadelphia Vireo, Vireo Philadelphicus. 7-8.
Frank L. Burns
Late Date for Catbird. 8.
Frank L. Burns
A Piscivorous Yellow-Leg. 8.
P. Bartsch
A Bachelor Great Blue Heron, Ardea Herodias. 9.
Frank L. Burns
Chimney Swift Roost. 9.
Frank L. Burns

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