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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 10, Number 5 (1898)

Wilson Bulletin
5 (September)


Changes in the Avifauna of Lorain County, Ohio.. 61.
Extinct Species. 61.
Decreasing Species. 61-62.
Increasing Species. 62-63.
Lynds Jones
An Afternoon Amongst Old Scenes. 63-65.
Paul Bartsch
A Few Belated Remarks Upon the Nesting of Junco. 65-66.
Jno. W. Daniel, Jr.
Anseres Which Visit the Oberlin Water-Works Reservoir. 66-68.
Lynds Jones
Some Remarks on the Birds of Chester County, Penn.. 68-69.
Frank L. Burns
1898 Elections. 71.
R. M. Strong
Editorial. 71-72.
Changes of Address. 72.
Publications Received. 72.

General Notes

Chimney Swifts. 69.
Sidney S. Wilson
Chimney Swift Nesting in a Barn. 69-70.
G. Merton Burdick
North Greenfield, Wis.. 70.
Reuben M. Strong
Hooded Warbler. 70.
Frank L. Burns

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