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The Auk, Volume 15, Number 2 (1898)



With Bob-White in Mexico. 115-122.
E. W. Nelson.
Summer Birds of Sitka, Alaska. 122-131.
Joseph Grinnell.
The Summer Birds of the West Virginia Spruce Belt. 131-137.
William C. Rives.
Nesting Habits of Anthony's Vireo. 138-140.
C. W., J. H. Bowles.
Petrels of Southern California. 140-144.
A. W. Anthony.
The Economic Value of the White-Bellied Nuthatch and Black-Capped Chickadee. 144-155.
E. Dwight Sanderson.
Notes on Certain Species of Mexican Birds. 155-161.
E. W. Nelson.
Breeding Habits of the American Robin (Merula Migratoria) in Eastern Massachusetts. 162-167.
Reginald Heber Howe, Jr.
The Terns of Muskeget Island, Massachusetts. Part IV.. 168-172.
George H. Mackay.
Some New Races of Birds From Eastern North America. 173-183.
Outram Bangs.

General Notes

Brunnich's Murre. 183.
G. R. White.
Ross's Gull (Rhodostethia Rosea) on Bering Island. 183.
Leonhard Stejneger.
The Scarlet Ibis -- a Correction. 183-184.
W. W. Cooke.
Colinus Virginianus in Peculiar Plumage. 184.
Harry C. Oberholser.
The Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes Migratorius) in Wisconsin and Nebraska. 184-185.
Ruthven Deane.
Geotrygon Chrysia Again at Key West. 185.
William Brewster.
The California Vulture in Santa Barbara Co., Cal.. 185.
Robert B. Mclain.
Occurrence of the Spotted Screech Owl (Megascops Aspersus) in Arizona. 186.
William Brewster.
Great Gray Owl (Scotiaptex Cinerea) in Minnesota. 186-187.
Albert Lano.
Note on Speotyto Cunicularia Obscura Stephens. 187.
R. C. Mcgregor.
Amazilia Cerviniventris Chalconota -- a Correction. 188.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Lewis's Woodpecker Storing Acorns. 188.
William Brewster.
Occurrence of Leconte's Sparrow (Ammodramus Lecontii) at Ithaca, N. Y.. 188-189.
Louis Agassiz Fuertes.
The Sea-Side Sparrow on Cape Cod in Winter, and Other Notes. 189.
Reginald Heber Howe, Jr.
Lincoln's Sparrow in New Brunswick. 189-190.
Willie H. Moore.
Rank of the Sage Sparrow. 190.
A. K. Fisher.
Wintering of the Towhee (Pipilo Erythrophthalmus) at Rockaway Beach, L. I.. 190.
Harry Webb Floyd.
The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in California. 190-191.
Robert B. Mclain.
The Philadelphia Vireo (Vireo Philadelphicus). 191-192.
C. J. Young.
Long-Billed Marsh Wren in New Brunswick. 192.
Willie H. Moore.
Carolina Wren at Lyme, Conn., in Winter. 192.
Arthur W. Brockway.
Cairns's Warbler (Dendroica C[ae]rulescens Cairnsi) in Georgia on Migration. 192.
Outram Bangs.
Birds Nesting Under Electric Arc-Light Hoods. 193.
J. Harris Reed.
The Use of Hornets' Nests By Birds. 193.
J. Harris Reed.
Some Corrections. 193.
Oscar B. Warren.
Revival of the Sexual Passion in Birds in Autumn. 194-195.
William Brewster.
Remarkable Ornithological Occurrences in Nova Scotia. 195-196.
Harry Piers.
Occasional Visitants at San Geronimo (Nicasio Township), Marin Co., California. 196-197.
Joseph Mailliard.
California Bird Notes. 197-198.
Joseph Mailliard.

Recent Literature

Audubon and His Journals.'. 198-205.
J. A. Allen.
Miss Merriam's 'Birds of Village and Field.'. 206-207.
J. A. Allen.
Hair and Feathers. 207.
J. A. Allen.
Baur on the Birds of the Galapagos Archipelago. 207-208.
J. A. Allen.
Bulletin of the B. O. C.. 208.
E. C.
Publications Received. 208-209.


The Fauna of Muskeget Island--A Reply. 210-211.
The Short-Eared Owls of Muskeget Island. 211-213.
An Untrustworthy Observer. 213-214.
Notes and News. 214-216.

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