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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 7, Number 1 (1895)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (January)


Record of the Work of the Wilson Chapter, for 1893 and 1894, on the Mniotiltid[ae]. 1-2.
Lynds Jones
Mniotilta Varia (L.) Black and White Warbler. 3.
Protonotaria Citrea (Bodd.) Protonotary Warbler. 3.
Helinaia Swainsonii Aud. Swainson's Warbler. 3.
Helmintherus Vermivorus (Gmel.)Worm-Eating Warbler. 4.
Helminthophila Pinus (Linn.) Blue-Winged Warbler. 4.
Helminthophila Chrysoptera Golden-Winged Warbler. 4-5.
Helminthophila Ruficapilla (Wils.) Nashville Warbler. 5.
Helminthophila Leucobronchialis (Brewst). 5.
Helminthophila Lawrencei (Herrick). 5.
Helminthophila Peregrina (Wils.) Tennessee Warbler. 6.
Helminthophila Celata Lutescens (Ridgw.). 6.
Helminthophila Celata (Say.) Orange-Crowned Warbler. 6.
Compsothlypis Americana (Linn.) Perula Warbler. 6-7.
Dendroica Tigrina (Gmel.) Cape May Warbler. 7.
Dendroica Astiva (Gmel.) Yellow Warbler. 7-8.
Dendroica C[ae]Rulscens Black-Throated Blue Warbler. 9.
Dendroica Coronata (Linn.) Yellow-Rumped Warbler. 9.
Dendroica Audubom (Towns.) Audubon's Warbler. 10.
Dendroica Maculosa (Gmel.) Magnolia Warbler. 10.
Dendroica C[ae]rulea (Wils.) Cerulean Warbler. 10-11.
Dendroica Pennsylvanica (Linn.) Chestnut-Sided Warbler. 11.
Dendroica Castanea (Wils.) Bay-Breasted Warbler. 11-12.
Dendroica Striata (Forst.) Black-Poll Warbler. 12.
Dendroica Blackburni[ae] (Gmel.) Blackburnian Warbler. 12-13.
Dendroica Virens Black-Throated Green Warbler. 13.
Dendroica Nigrescens Sel. & Salv. Golden-Cheeked Warbler. 13.
Dendroica Nigrescens Black-Throated Gray Warbler. 13.
Dendroica Vigorsii (Aud.) Pine Warbler. 14.
Dendroica Palmarum (Gmel.) Palm Warbler. 14.
Dendroica Kirtlandi (Baird.) Kirtland's Warbler. 14.
Dendroica Palmarum Hypochrysea Yellow Palm Warbler. 14-15.
Dendroica Discolor (Vieill.) Prairie Warbler. 15.
Seiurus Aurocapillus (Linn.) Oven-Bird. 15.
Seiurus Noveboracensis (Gmel.) Water-Thrush. 16.
Geothlypis Agilis (Wils.) Connecticut Warbler. 16.
Seiurus Motacilla (Vieill.) Lousiana Water Thrush. 16.
Geothlypis Formosa (Wils.) Kentucky Warbler. 16.
Geothlypis Philadelphia (Wils.) Mourning Warbler. 17.
Geothlypis Macgillivrayi (Aud.) Macgillivray's Warbler. 17.
Geothlypis Trichas (Linn.) Maryland Yellow-Throat. 17.
Icteria Virens (Linn.) Yellow-Breasted Chat. 18.
Icteria Virens Longicauda (Lawr.) Long-Tailed Chat. 18.
Geothlypis Brichas Occidentalis Western Yellow-Throat. 18.
Syivania Mitrata (Gmel.) Hooded Warbler. 19.
Sylvania Pusilla (Wils.) Wilson's Warbler. 19.
Sylvania Pnsilla Pileolata (Pall.) Pileolated Warbler. 19.
Sylvania Conadensis (Linn.) Canadian Warbler. 19.
Setophaga Ruticilla (Linn.) American Redstart. 20-22.

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