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The Auk, Volume 14, Number 3 (1897)



A Study of the Philadelphia Vireo (Vireo Philadelphicus). 259-272.
Jonathan Dwight, Jr.
The Turkey Question. 272-275.
Elliott Coues.
Some Abnormal Color Markings. 275-278.
Gerrit S. Miller, Jr.
The Terns of Penikese Island, Massachusetts. 278-284.
George H. Mackay.
A List of the Species of Anseres, Paludicol[ae], and Limicol[ae] Occurring in the State of Louisiana. 285-289.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
Nesting of the Parula Warbler (Compsothlypis Americana) in Cape May County, New Jersey. 289-294.
Mark L. C. Wilde.
Description of a New Towhee from California. 294-296.
Joseph Grinnell.
An Addition To North American Petrels. 297-299.
William Palmer.
Description of a New Empidonax, with Notes on Empidonax Difficilis. 300-303.
Harry C. Oberholser.
A Noteworthy Plumage Observed in the American Elder Drake (Somateria Dresseri). 303-304.
Arthur H. Norton.
The Summer Home of Bachman's Warbler No Longer Unknown. 305-310.
O. Widmann.
Preliminary Descriptions of New Birds from Mexico and Arizona. 310-311.
Frank M. Chapman.

General Notes

The Proper Generic Name of the Loons. 312.
J. A. Allen.
Uria Lomvia, an Addition To the Avifauna Columbiana. 312-313.
Paul Bartsch.
Note on Pagophila Alba. 313.
Elliott Coues.
Arrival of Terns At Penikese Island in 1897. 313-314.
George H. Mackay.
Onychoprion, Not Haliplana. 314.
Elliott Coues.
Remarks on Certain Procellariid[ae]. 314-315.
Elliott Coues.
Bob-White in Northwestern New York. 316.
W. S. Johnson.
Little Blue Heron in New Hampshire. 316.
Jas. P. Melzer.
The Scarlet Ibis in Colorado. 316.
W. W. Cooke.
Rectrices of Cormorants. 316.
Elliott Coues.
Concordance of Merganser Americanus. 316.
Elliott Coues.
Additional Records of the Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes Migratorius). 316-317.
Ruthven Deane.
Aquila Chrysa. 317.
Albert Lano.
Breeding of the Goshawk in Pennsylvania. 317-318.
Witmer Stone.
Peculiar Nest of the Great Horned Owl. 318.
Frank H. Shoemaker.
Disgorgement Among Song Birds. 318-319.
Joseph Grinnell.
An Unusual Song of the Red-Winged Blackbird. 319-320.
Thomas Proctor.
Spring Molt in Spinus Pinus. 320.
Witmer Stone.
An Earlier Name For Ammodramus Leconteii. 320.
Robert Ridgway.
The Seaside Sparrow (Ammodramus Maritimus) in Massachusetts. 320-321.
Walter Faxon.
What Is Fringilla Macgillivraii Aud.?. 321-322.
Walter Faxon.
Breeding of the Seaside Sparrow in Massachusetts. 322.
J. A. Farley.
Bachman's Sparrow in Virginia. 322.
William Palmer.
The Seaside Sparrow (Ammodramus Maritimus) At Middletown, R. I.. 322.
Edward Sturtevant.
On the Status of Lanius Robustus Baird As a North American Bird. 323.
Robert Ridgway.
Vireo Flavoviridis in Nebraska. 323.
L. Bruner.
Breeding of the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak At Beverly, New Jersey. 323.
J. Harris Reed.
Reappearance of the Mockingbird At Portland, Maine. 324.
Nathan Clifford Brown.
A Mockingbird At Worcester, Mass.. 324.
Helen A. Ball.
Breeding of Sitta Canadensis in Pennsylvania. 324.
Witmer Stone.
A Novel Idea of a Tufted Titmouse. 325.
J. Harris Reed.
Absence of Turdus Aonalaschk[ae] Pallasii At Tadousac, Quebec, in 1896. 325.
Jonathan Dwight, Jr.
A Great Flight of Robins in Florida. 325.
George H. Mackay.
A Few Notes on the Avifauna Columbiana. 326.
Paul Bartsch.
Rare Birds in the Vicinity of Philadelphia. 326.
Witmer Stone.
Northern New Jersey Notes. 326.
Sylvester D. Judd.
Bird Notes from Massachusetts. 326-327.
Glover M. Allen.
Three Birds Rare in Framingham, Massachusetts. 327.
H. D. Eastman.
Bibliographical Note. 327-329.
Elliott Coues.

Recent Literature

Ridgway's Birds of the Galapagos Archipelago. 329-330.
J. A. Allen.
Cooke's Birds of Colorado. 331-332.
J. A. Allen.
Miller on Construction of Scientific Names. 332-333.
J. A. Allen.
Chapman's Notes on Birds Observed in Yucatan. 333.
C. W. R.
Upon the Tree-Tops.'. 333-334.
F. M. C.
The Sharp-Tailed Sparrows of Maine. 334.
F. M. C.
The Story of the Farallones. 334.
F. M. C.
Bird-Nesting With a Camera. 334-335.
F. M. C.
Birds of Wellesley. 335.
F. M. C.
Nehrling's Birds: Vol. II.. 335-336.
E. C.
Chapman's 'Bird-Life.'. 336-338.
R. R.
Publications Received. 338-340.


The A.O.U. Check-List. 340-342.
Notes and News. 342-344.

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