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The Auk, Volume 13, Number 4 (1896)



The Sharp-Tailed Sparrow (Ammodramus Caudacutus) and Its Geographical Races. 271-278.
Jonathan Dwight, Jr.
Summer Birds of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania. 278-285.
R. T. Young.
Feeding Habits of the English Sparrow and Crow. 285-289.
Sylvester D. Judd.
Summer Birds of Northern Elk County, Pa.. 289-297.
William L. Baily.
Summer Birds (July 15-Aug. 13, 1894) of the Rhine. 297-312.
Ralph Hoffmann.
The Cormorant Rookeries of the Lofoten Islands. 312-314.
R. W. Shufeldt.
Critical Remarks on the Mexican Forms of the Genus Certhia. 314-318.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Further Remarks on the Law Which Underlies Protective Coloration. 318-320.
Abbott H. Thayer.
Evidence Suggestive of the Occurrence of 'Individual Dichromatism' in Magascops Asio. 321-325.
Arthur P. Chadbourne.

Recent Literature

Sclater on Rules For Naming Animals. 325-328.
J. A. Allen.
Swann's Handbook of British Birds. 328-329.
J. A. Allen.
Loomis on California Water Birds. 329-330.
F. M. C.
Ridgway on New Species and Subspecies of Birds. 330.
F. M. C.
Oberholser on Two New Subspecies of Dryobates. 330.
F. M. C.
Richmond on Mexican Birds. 330-331.
F. M. C.
Richmond on New Species of Birds. 331.
F. M. C.
Dr. Abbott's Collections from Asia. 331.
F. M. C.
Dr. Abbott's Collections from the Seychelles and Other Islands. 331-332.
F. M. C.
Robinson's Birds of Margarita. 332-333.
F. M. C.
Cherrie on San Domingo Birds. 333-334.
F. M. C.
Warren's 'Taxidermy' and Bird-Laws. 334.
F. M. C.
Ridgway and Lucas on a New Family of Birds. 334-335.
J. A. Allen.
Montgomery on Migration as a Check Upon Geographical Variation. 335.
J. A. Allen.
Contributions to Economic Ornithology. 335-338.
J. A. Allen.
Publications Received. 338-340.

General Notes

Occurrence of the Wood Ibis (Tantalus Loculator) in Bristol County, Massachusetts. 341.
William Brewster.
Recent Record of the Passenger Pigeon in Southern Wisconsin. 341.
N. Hollister.
The Wild Pigeon at Englewood, N. J.. 341.
Frank M. Chapman.
Wilson's Snipe in Nova Scotia in Winter. 341.
Harold F. Tufts.
The Turkey Vulture in the Catskills. 341-342.
Frank M. Chapman.
A Note on Buteo Borealis Lucasanus Ridgway. 342.
William Palmer.
Feeding-Habits of Purple Finches. 342.
Frank M. Chapman.
Buteo Borealis Harlani in Minnesota. 342.
Albert Lano.
First Occurrence of the Blue Grosbeak in New Hampshire. 342-343.
Mabel C. Berry.
Breeding of the Yellow-Throated Warbler (Dendroica Dominica) in Virginia, Near Washington. 343.
William Palmer.
Dendroica Palmarum in New York City. 343.
Frank M. Chapman.
Solitary Vireo (Vireo Solitarius) Nesting in Connecticut. 343.
C. M. Case.
The Mockingbird (Mimus Polyglottos) in Canada. 344.
Jonathan Dwight, Jr.
The Louisiana Water-Thrush Breeding in Berkshire County, Mass.. 344.
Walter Faxon.
Thriothorus or Thryothorus?. 344-345.
Elliot Coues.
The Hudsonian Chickadee Breeding in Southern Vermont. 345.
Francis H. Allen.
The Hudsonian Chickadee (Parus Hudsonicus), Red-Breasted Nuthatch (Sitta Canadensis), and Golden-Crowned Kinglet (Regulus Satrapa) in Plymouth County, Mass., in Summer. 346.
Arthur P. Chadbourne.
The Western Martin and the California Cuckoo at Escondido, Calif.. 347.
J. Maurice Hatch.
Bird Notes from Toronto, Canada. 347.
C. W. Nash.
Iridescence of Feathers, as Explained by an Old Author. 347-348.
Arthur P. Chadbourne.
Birds Killed by a Storm. 348.
Walter I. Mitchell.
Notes and News. 348-352.
Index to Volume XIII. 353-366.
Errata. 366.

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