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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 105 (2004)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Editorial. 1.
Annual Conference of the International Wader Study Group, Papenburg, Germany, 4-7 November 2004. 2-27.
Book Review: Life Along Lands Edge: Wildlife on the Shores of Roebuck Bay, Broome. 28-29.
Danny Rogers
New Memorandum of Cooperation Agreed Between the International Wader Study Group and Wetlands International. 30-31.
David Stroud
Notes and News. 32-39.
Research News and Comment. 40-41.
A Revised Estimate of the Breeding Population of Common Sandpipers Actitis Hypoleucos in Great Britain and Ireland. 42-49.
T. W. Dougall, P. K. Holland, D. W. Yalden
Patterns of Association and Habitat Use By Migrating Shorebirds on Intertidal Mudflats and Saltworks on the Tavira Estuary, Ria Formosa, Southern Portugal. 50-55.
Vera G. Fonseca, Nuno Grade, Luis Cancela
Shorebird Counts in the Upper Bay of Panama Highlight the Importance of This Key Site and the Need to Improve Its Protection. 56-64.
Deborah M. Buehler, Alberto I. Castillo, George Angehr
Seasonal Abundance of Migrant Shorebirds in Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, and California, Usa. 65-70.
Roberto Carmona, Gorgonio Ruiz-Campos, Georgina Brabata
Eurasian Golden Plovers and Northern Lapwings Wintering in Italy: January 2004 Survey of Non-Wetland Habitats. 71-74.
Michele Sorrenti, Danilo Musella
Waterbird Phenology and Opportunistic Acceptance of a Low-Quality Wader Staging Site at Lake Baikal, Eastern Siberia. 75-83.
Nils Anthes, Hans-Heiner Bergmann, Arne Hegemann, Sophie Jaquier, Jan Ole Kriegs
Differential Departure of Wintering Adult and First-Year Purple Sandpipers Calidris Maritima From Helgoland South-East North Sea. 84-86.
Volker Dierschke
Sexing Eurasian Oystercatchers Haematopus Ostralegus From Breast Feathers Collected When Ringing. 87-89.
Hazel K. Watson, Rebecca J. Mogg, Joanna M. Bond, Sarah E. A. Le V. Dit Durell
Measuring Wader Breeding Success in the Non-Breeding Season: the Importance of Excluding Immatures. 90-92.
Clive Minton
Current Status of the Endangered Tuamotu Sandpiper Or Titi Prosobonia Cancellata and Recommended Actions for Its Recovery. 93-100.
R. J. Pierce, C. Blanvillain

Short Communications:

Shorebirds Surveys at Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, Argentina: Report for the Years 2001 and 2002. 101-102.
Maria De Los Angeles Hernandez, Veronica Laura Damico, Luis Oscar Bala
Mole Snake Pseudaspis Cana Predation of African Black Oystercatcher Haematopus Moquini Eggs. 103-104.
K. M. Calf
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