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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 104 (2004)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Editorial: An Outstanding New Book. 1-2.
Notice of the 2004 Annual General Meeting of the International Wader Study Group. 3.
Officers Reports for 2003. 3-6.
Introducing An Important New WSG Publication on the Status of Migratory Wader Populations in Africa and Western Eurasia in the 1990S. 7-12.
David Stroud, Nick Davidson
Recent Publications on Waders 80. 13-18.
Henk Koffijberg
Abstracts of Wader Theses. 19-21.
Post-Breeding Phenology of Waders in Central Ne Greenland. 22-27.
Hans Meltofte, Thomas B. Berg
Winter Distribution and Abundance of Snowy Plovers in Se North America and the West Indies. 28-33.
Elise Elliott-Smith, Susan M. Haig, Cheron L. Ferland, Leah R. Gorman
Digiscope Applications for Shorebird Studies. 34-38.
Patrick R. Leary
Subarctic, Alpine Nesting By Bairds Sandpipers Calidris Bairdii. 39-50.
Robert E. Gill, Jr., Pavel S. Tomkovich
Using the Proportion of Juvenile Waders in Catches to Measure Recruitment. 51-55.
Jacquie A. Clark, Robert A. Robinson, Nigel A. Clark, Philip W. Atkinson
Correcting the Individual Biases Made in Collecting Mussel Shells Opened By Oystercatchers Ex Situ. 56-59.
P. U. Udayangani Fernando, Kenwin Liu
Site Fidelity and Other Features of Pacific Golden-Plovers Pluvialis Fulva Wintering on Johnston Atoll, Central Pacific Ocean. 60-65.
Oscar W. Johnson, Patricia M. Johnson, Donna L. Odaniel
Waders of the Selenga Delta, Lake Baikal, Eastern Siberia. 66-78.
Igor Fefelov, Igor Tupitsyn
Waders Respond Quickly and Positively to the Banning of Off-Road Vehicles From Beaches in South Africa. 79-81.
A. J. Williams, V. L. Ward, L. G. Underhill
Production, Survival and Catchability of Chicks of Common Sandpipers Actitis Hypoleucos. 82-84.
D. W. Yalden, T. W. Dougall
Diet of the Two-Banded Plover at Caleta Valdes, Peninsula Valdes, Argentina. 85-87.
Veronica L. Damico, Luis O. Bala
Renesting By Long-Billed Curlews in North-Eastern Nevada. 88-91.
C. Alex Hartman, Lewis W. Oring
Use Care in Determining Age-Ratios in Shorebirds: They May Differ Relative to Flock Position, Flock Location and Behaviour. 92-93.
Brian Harrington

Short Communications

Odd Nest Site Selection in Eurasian Golden Plovers in Iceland: Is It Caused By a Particular Kind of Nest Predator?. 94.
Joop Jukema, Jan Jukema
Predator Avoidance Behaviour of a Solitary Willet Attacked By a Peregrine Falcon. 95.
Joseph B. Buchanan
Correspondence. 96.

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