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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 103 (2004)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Editorial. 1.
Arctic-Breeding Waders: a New Initiative for Research and Monitoring: Chasm. 2-5.
Notes and News. 6-8.
The First Symposium on the Conservation of Meadowbirds in North Germany and the Netherlands Held at Vechta, Germany, on 4 and 5 September 2002. 9-22.
Heinz Duttmann, Rainer Ehrnsberger, Ingolf Faida
Abstracts of Wader Theses. 23-25.
Extraordinary Numbers of Oriental Pratincoles in Nw Australia. 26-31.
Humphrey Sitters, Clive Minton, Peter Collins, Brian Etheridge, Chris Hassell, Frank Oconnor
The Dispersion of Wintering Purple Sandpipers Calidris Maritima in Relation to the Tidal Cycle and Shore Zonation. 32-35.
Ron W. Summers, Mike Nicoll
Use of Upland Tundra Habitats By Western and Rock Sandpipers During Brood-Rearing on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska. 36-39.
Matthew Johnson, Brian Mccaffery
Using a Mobile Hide in Wader Research. 40-41.
Tamas Szekely, Janos Kis, Andras Kosztolanyi
Morphometric Features of Pacific and American Golden-Plovers With Comments on Field Identification. 42-49.
Oscar W. Johnson, Patricia M. Johnson
Prey Detectability: Significance and Measurement Using a Novel Laser Pen Technique. 50-55.
Simon Gillings
Wintering Waders in Coastal Guinea. 56-62.
Bertrand Trolliet, Michel Fouquet
How Intensive Is Intensive Enough? Limitations of Intensive Searching for Estimating Shorebird Nest Numbers. 63-66.
Brian J. Mccaffery, Daniel R. Ruthrauff
Spatial Variation in Shorebird Nest Success: Implications for Inference. 67-70.
Brian J. Mccaffery, Daniel R. Ruthrauff
Variability in the Size of Juvenile Red Knots Calidris Canutus Canutus. 71-74.
Wlodzimierz Meissner

Short Communications:

Underwater Flight of Terek Sandpiper. 75.
Andrej Y. Blokhin
A Purple Sandpiper Calidris Maritima Nest With Seven Eggs. 75.
R. W. Summers, D. P. Whitfield
Silver Gull Preys Upon Hooded Plover Chick. 76-77.
P. Burke, A. J. Burke, M. A. Weston
June Counts of Waders, Waterbirds and Seabirds on Lnhaca Island, Mozambique. 78-80.
H. Dieter Oschadleus, Chris N. Lotz

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