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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 101-102 (2003)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Editorial: Declining wader populations - we can all play our part. 1.
Annual conference of the International Wader Study Group, Cadiz, Spain, 25-28 September 2003. 2.
Minutes of the 2003 International Wader Study Group Annual General Meeting. 2-7.
Wader Study Group Workshop 26 September 2003 Are waders world-wide in decline? Reviewing the evidence. 8-12.
Declining Populations Workshop - Abstracts of talks. 13-20.
Annual Conference - Abstracts of talks. 21-29.
Annual Conference - Abstracts of posters. 29-41.
Recent publications on waders 79. 42-50.
Henk Koffijberg
Abstracts of wader theses. 51-54.
Shorebird Sister Schools Program - shorebird education in North America and beyond. 55.
Hilary Chapman, Brad A. Andres
Notes on the occurrence of shorebird species in central Chile during southward migration. 56-58.
Peter Collins, Rosalind Jessop, Doris Graham
Red Knots wintering in Bahia Bustamante, Argentina: are they lost?. 59-61.
Graciela Escudero, Monica Abril, M. Gabriela Murga, Natalia Hernandez
New and noteworthy shorebird records from south Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. 62-66.
Roberto Carmona, Daniel Galindo, Luis Sauma
Ruddy Turnstone retains egg in oviduct for five months. 67-69.
Phil F. Battley, Wouter K. Vahl, Bernard Spaans
Magellanic Plovers Pluvianellus socialis in southern Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. 70-76.
Silvia Ferrari, Santiago Imberti, Carlos Albrieu
Does timing of breeding affect breeding plumage acquisition in shorebirds?. 77-80.
D. Philip Whitfield
Diurnal activity budgets of breeding Eurasian Oystercatchers Haematopus ostralegus feeding on limpets on rocky shores. 81-87.
Natasha Ghosh, Miriam Spering, Joanne Wilshaw, Rajarathinavelu Nagarajan
Short communication. 88.
Jacquie A. Clark, Nigel A. Clark, Graham F. Appleton, Jennifer A. Gill

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