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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 100 (2003)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Editorial. 1.
Peter Evans, 1937-2001-A Tribute. 2-4.
Rudi Drent
Coastal Versus Inland Shorebird Species: Interlinked Fundamental Dichotomies Between Their Life- and Demographic Histories?. 5-9.
Theunis Piersma
Pacific and American Golden-Plovers: Reflections on Conservation Needs. 10-13.
Oscar W. Johnson
Waders, Hedgehogs and Machair: Research and Conservation Lessons From the Outer Hebrides. 14-19.
Digger Jackson
The Wrybill Anarhynchus Frontalis: a Brief Review of Status, Threats and Work in Progress. 20-24.
Adrian C. Riegen, John E. Dowding
Plugging the Gaps - Winter Studies of Eurasian Golden Plovers and Northern Lapwings. 25-29.
Simon Gillings
Calidrid Conservation: Unrequited Needs. 30-34.
Robert W. Elner, Dana A. Seaman
The Implications for Conservation of Age- and Sex-Related Feeding Specialisations in Shorebirds. 35-39.
Sarah E. A. Le V. Dit Durell
Integrating Marine and Terrestrial Habitats in Shorebird Conservation Planning. 40-42.
Philippa C. F. Shepherd, Lesley J. Evans Ogden, David B. Lank
Wadden Sea Saltmarshes: Ecological Trap Or Hideaway for Breeding Redshanks Tringa Totanus?. 43-46.
Stefan Thyen, Klaus-Michael Exo
Spartina Invasion of Pacific Coast Estuaries in the United States: Implications for Shorebird Conservation. 47-49.
Joseph B. Buchanan
Birds and Offshore Wind Farms: a Hot Topic in Marine Ecology. 50-53.
Klaus-Michael Exo, Ommo Huppop, Stefan Garthe
Australias Temporary Wetlands: What Determines Their Suitability As Feeding and Breeding Sites for Waders?. 54-58.
Iain R. Taylor
Shorebird Management During the Non-Breeding Season - An Overview of Needs, Opportunities, and Management Concepts. 59-66.
Brian A. Harrington
Can We Recreate Or Restore Intertidal Habitats for Shorebirds?. 67-72.
Philip W. Atkinson
High-Tide Roost Choice By Coastal Waders. 73-79.
D. I. Rogers
Climate Change and the Potential Impact on Breeding Waders in the Uk. 80-85.
Jennifer Smart, Jennifer A. Gill
Predicting the Impact of Climatic Change on Arctic-Breeding Waders. 86-95.
Mark M. Rehfisch, Humphrey Q. P. Crick
Global Activities on the Conservation, Management and Sustainable Use of Migratory Waterbirds: An Integrated Flyway/Ecosystem Approach. 96-101.
Gerard C. Boere
Monitoring the Shorebirds of North America: Towards a Unified Approach. 102-104.
Susan K. Skagen, Jonathan Bart, Brad Andres, Stephen Brown, Garry Donaldson, Brian Harrington, Vicky Johnston, Stephanie L.
Threatened Shorebird Species of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway: Significance for Australian Wader Study Groups. 105-110.
David Milton
The Yellow Sea - a Race Against Time. 111-113.
Mark Barter
The Annual Life-Cycle Approach in Volunteer Studies of Migratory Waders. 114-117.
Tom M. Van Der Have
Cross-Seasonal and Cross-Disciplinary Studies of Migratory Shorebirds. 118-121.
Silke Nebel, David B. Lank
Plumage Colour and Pattern in Waders. 122-129.
P. M. Ferns
Wader Migration on the Changing Predator Landscape. 130-133.
Robert W. Butler, Ronald C. Ydenberg, David B. Lank
Raptor Predation on Non-Breeding Shorebirds: Some Thoughts for the Future. 134-137.
D. P. Whitfield
Use of Radio Telemetry in Studies of Shorebirds: Past Contributions and Future Directions. 138-150.
Nils Warnock, John Y. Takekawa
Conservation of Long-Distance Migratory Wader Populations: Reproductive Consequences of Events Occurring in Distant Staging Sites. 151-156.
Hans Schekkerman, Ingrid Tulp, Bruno Ens
The Interaction Between Migration Strategy and Population Dynamics: Is There Higher Winter Mortality in Short-Distance Migrants and Lower Juvenile Survival in Long-Distance Migrants?. 157-158.
Gregor Schei
Wader Studies for the 21St Century - Supporting International Conservation. 159-162.
Tony Fox
Estimation of Survival Rates for Wader Populations: a Review of Mark-Recapture Methods. 163-174.
Brett K. Sandercock
The Need for Greater Use of Historical Population Data. 175-177.
Hugh Boyd
The Importance of Long-Term Monitoring of Reproduction Rates in Waders. 178-182.
Clive Minton
Fitness, Demographic Rates and Managing the Coast for Wader Populations. 183-191.
John D. Goss-Custard
Predicting Wader Mortality and Body Condition From Optimal Foraging Behaviour. 192-196.
Richard A. Stillman
Estimating Bird Population Sizes and Trends: What Are the Hard Data, What Are the Unavoidable Assumptions? a Plea for Good Documentation. 197-201.
Joost Brouwer, Neil E. Baker, Bertrand Trolliet
Wader Populations Are Declining - How Will We Elucidate the Reasons?. 202-211.
Christoph Zockler, Simon Delany, Ward Hagemeijer
A Century of Wader Studies? Not Quite, But It Should Be!. 212-215.
D. W. Yalden
Publication Bias in Waders. 216-224.
Gavin H. Thomas, Tamas Szekely, William J. Sutherland

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