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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 98 (2002)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Editorial: the Wader Study Group Bulletin Volume 100, April 2003: a Big Issue on the Big Issues. 1.
International Wader Study Group Officers Reports for 2001. 2-4.
Preliminary Announcement of An Important Conference Waterbirds Around the World. 5.
Research News and Comment. 6.
Abstracts of Wader Theses. 7-9.
Book Review: Goudplevieren En Wilsterflappers: Eeuwenoude Fascinatie Voor Trekvogels. 10-11.
Nest-Sites and Nest Construction of Little Ringed Plovers Charadrius Dubius in Bulgaria. 12-15.
Svetla Dalakchieva
Migrant Shorebirds at Peninsula Valdes, Argentina: Report for the Year 2000. 16-19.
Luis Oscar Bala, Veronica Laura Damico, Paula Stoyanoff
Waders Charadrii and Other Waterbirds at Dyer Island, Western Cape, South Africa. 20-24.
Anthony D. Venter, Leslie G. Underhill, Philip A. Whittington, Bruce M. Dyer
Aggressive Behaviour of Migrant and Resident Waders at the Berg River Estuary, South Africa. 25-29.
B. Kalejta-Summers
Beware of These Errors When Measuring Intake Rates in Waders. 30-37.
John D. Goss-Custard, Ralph T. Clarke, Selwyn Mcgrorty, Rajarathinavelu Nagarajan, Humphrey P. Sitters, Andy D. West
The Trapping of Breeding Golden Plovers Using a Simple Walk-In Trap. 38-40.
D. W. Yalden, J. W. Pearce-Higgins
Breeding Biology of Redshanks Tringa Totanus in the Ebro Delta, Ne Spain. 41-43.
Albert Bertolero

Short Communications:

A Handicapped Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria Interpres Loses Mass and Delays Primary Moult. 44-45.
Les G. Underhill
African Black Oystercatcher Chicks Dive to Escape Danger. 46.
K. M. Calf
Predation on a Kittlitzs Plover Chick By a Blacksmith Plover. 47.
K. M. Calf
Common Sandpiper Actitis Hypoleucos Attempting to Evade Capture By Swimming Underwater. 48.
David Norman
Molecular Sexing of Eurasian Woodcock Scolopax Rusticola. 48.
Ulo Vali, Jaanus Elts
Cramp in Captured Waders: Suggestions for New Operating Procedures in Hot Conditions and a Possible Field Treatment. 49.
Jacquie Clark, Nigel Clark
Biometrics and Moult of Breeding Eurasian Golden Plovers Pluvialis Apricaria. 50.
D. W. Yalden, J. W. Pearce-Higgins
Estimation of Unmeasurable Wing-Lengths. 51.
Humphrey P. Sitters

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