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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 96 (2001)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Greetings From Newly Elected WSG Chairman: Hermann Hotker. 1.
Notes and News. 2-3.
Shorebirds and Avian Influenza Viruses. 4-5.
Britta Hanson
Annual Conference of the International Wader Study Group, Kollumerpomp, the Netherlands, 31 August-2 September 2001. 5-32.
Abstracts of Wader Theses. 33-36.
Shoreline Birds of Robben Island, Western Cape, South Africa. 37-39.
L. G. Underhill, P. A. Whittington, K. M. Calf
Pacific Golden Plovers Pluvialis Fulva and Other Waders on the Samoan Islands: Wintering in a Changing Polynesian Landscape. 40-46.
Ulf Beichle
Waders Wintering in Morocco: National Population Estimates, Trends and Site-Assessments. 47-59.
Mohamed Dakki, Abdeljebbar Qninba, Mohammed-Aziz El Agbani, Abdelaziz Benhoussa, Pierre-Christian Beaubrun
Estimating Prey Accessibility for Waders: a Problem Still to Be Solved. 60-63.
Jutta Leyrer, Klaus-Michael Exo
What Is the Relative Importance of Sexual Selection and Ecological Processes in the Evolution of Sexual Size Dimorphism in Monogamous Shorebirds?. 64-70.
Brett K. Sandercock
A Method for Assessing the Quality of Roosts Used By Waders During High Tide. 71-73.
A. Luis, J. D. Goss-Custard, M. H. Moreira
Numbers of Ruff Philomachus Pugnax Wintering in West Africa. 74-78.
Bertrand Trolliet, Olivier Girard
Home Range Analyses of Shorebirds Wintering Along the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Usa. 79-84.
Christine Gabbard, Gary Sprandel, David Cobb
Book Review. 85-86.

Short Communications:

Waders Diving and Swimming Underwater As a Means of Escape. 86.
Cllve Minton
Wader Ringing at Eilat, Israel. 86-87.
Reuven Yosef
19Th Century Portrait of a Hunter With a Slender-Billed Curlew Numenius Tenuirostris. 88.
Nicola Baccetti

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