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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 94 (2001)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Details of the Agm, Kollumerpomp, the Netherlands 30 August - 2 September 2001. 1-2.
Reviews. 3-7.
Recent Publications on Waders 76. 8-15.
Henk Koffijberg
1998 Ringing Totals. 16-19.
Robin M. Ward
Notes and News. 20-25.
Shorebirds Present on Fracasso Beach San Jose Gulf, Valdes Peninsula, Argentina : Report of the 1999 Migrating Season.. 27-30.
Luis Oscar Bala, Maria De Los Angeles Hernandez, Veronica Laura Damico
Predation of Common Sandpiper Actitis Hypoleucos on Orchestia Gammarellus: Problems in Assessing Its Diet From Pellet and Droping Analysis. 31-33.
Jose Arcas
Declines in North American Shorebird Populations. 34-38.
R. I. Guy Morrison, Yves Aubry, Rob W. Butler, Gerry W. Beyersbergen, Garry M. Donaldson, Cheri L. Gratto-Trevor, Peter W. Hicklin, Vicky H. Johnsto
Winter Distributions of North American Plovers in the Laguna Madre Regions of Tamaulipas, Mexico and Texas, Usa. 39-43.
Todd J. Mabee, Jonathan H. Plissner, Susan M. Haig, J. Paul Goossen

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