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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 82 (1997)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Notice of the 1997 WSG Annual General Meeting, Denmark. 1.
Change of Editor. 1.
1997 WSG Annual Conference, V. Vedsted, Denmark By the Wadden Sea Near Ribe. 1-2.
Four Nice Days Under the Pine Trees. 3.
An Alaskan View of the 1996 Wader Study Group Conference. 3-5.
Special WSG Meeting, Langebaan, South Africa, 12-15 August 1998. 5.
Obituary George Underhill. 6.
Notes and News. 6-7.
Lys Muirhead, Robin Ward
News From the Wetlands International Woodcock and Snipe Specialist Group. 7-8.
H. Kalchreuter
WSG International Ruff Census Spring 1997 Call for Help and Information. 9.
E. Wymenga
Breeding Waders in Europe 2000. 10-11.
O. Thorup, M. Obrien, N. Baccetti
The WSG Colour-Marking Register. 12-13.
Reviews. 13-16.
Are Migratory Waders Tropical Or Arctic Birds?. 16.
Recent Publications on Waders 68. 17-22.
Henk Koffijberg
The Many Unknowns About Plovers and Sandpipers of the World: Introduction to a Wealth of Research Opportunities Highly Relevant for Shorebird Conservation. 23-33.
Theunis Piersma, Popko Wiersma, Jan Van Gi
Proposal for International Action Plan and Specialist Network for Globally Threatened Waders. 34-37.
David Stroud

African-Eurasian Flyways

Why Do Crab Plovers Dromas Ardeola Breed in Colonies?. 38-42.
Philip A. R. Hockey, Simon J. Aspinall
Erratum: Status and Distribution of Redshanks Tringa Totanus Breeding Along Mediterranean Coasts. 43.
Roberto Valle, Francesco Scarton
Sanderlings in Iceland. 44-45.
J. R. Wilson
Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations Zero : a New Research Facility in High Arctic Greenland. 46-50.
Hans Meltofte

Asian-Pacific Flyways

The N.W. Australia Wader Study Expedition in March and April 1996. 51-55.
Clive Minton, Humphrey Sitters, Roz Jessop

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