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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 77 (1995)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Agenda for 1995 Wader Study Group Annual General Meeting. 1.
Officers Reports for 1994. 1-5.
Notes and News. 6-9.
WSG Inland Wader Counts Project: Completion and Future Organisation. 10.
North-West Australia Wader Study Expedition 1996. 11.
Reviews. 12-14.
Review Article: Recent British Publications on Habitat Management for Lowland Breeding Wadere. 15-18.
David Ao Stroud
Recent Publications on Waders 63. 19-26.
Henk Koffijberg
Breeding Waders Around the Duddon Estuary in 1994. 27-31.
D. J. Radford
Observations on Waders in the South-West Mongolia in July and August 1993. 32-37.
Christophe Tourenq, Bjambaagijn Monchtujaa, Claudia Feh, Ayurzanyn Avirmed
Calidrid Spring Migration on the East and West Canadian Prairie. 38-43.
J. B. Steeves, S. Holohan
Bairds Sandpiper Calidris Bairdii - Southward Migration on the Canadian Prairie. 44-47.
J. B. Steeves, S. Holohan
Does the Wind Influence Egg Fertility? a Probable Case With Curlew Sandpiper Calidris Ferruginea. 48-49.
Pavel S. Tomkovich
The Mont Saint Michel Bay: a Site of International Importance for Wintering and Migrating Palearctic Waders. 50-54.
Sophie Le Drean-Quenechdu, Roger Maheo, Patrice Boret
Mont Saint Michel Bay: Spatial Distribution of Major Wader Species. 55-61.
Sophie Le Dr?an-Qu?nechdu, Roger Maheo, Patrice Boret
New Developments in Worldwide Wader Flyway Conservation. 62.
Nick Davidson
News From the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. 63.
Doug Watkins
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network: Looking to the Future. 64-66.
Enrique H. Bucher
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Network: Looking to the Future. 66-68.
George Finney
Wings Around the World: a Global Shorebird Network. 68-69.
Rob Butler
Towards a Flyway Conservation Strategy for Waders. 70-81.
N. C. Davidson, P. I. Rothwell, M. W. Pienkowski
Conservation of North Pacific Shorebirds. 82-91.
Robert E. Gill, Jr., Robert W. Butler, Pavel S. Tomkovich, Taej Mundkur, Colleen M. Handel

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