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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 69, Special Issue (1993)

Wader Study Group Bulletin
69, Special Issue


Preface. iv.
The Odessa Protocol on International Co-Operation on Migratory Flyway Research and Conservation. 1-2.

Catching, Ringing and Marking: Cannon-Netting

Catching Lapwings with Cannon Nets. 5-6.
C. D. T. Minton
Troubles with Projectiles. 6-8.
G. H. Green
Projectiles Again. 8-9.
G. H. Green
Catching Waders with a "Wilsternet". 9-12.
Klaas Koopman, Jan B. Hulscher
A Simple Rapid Method of Moving a Set Cannon Net with Minimal Disruption. 12-13.
Nigel A. Clark
A Glossary of Cannon Netting Terms. 13-14.
C. D. T. Minton
A Method of Roping a Cannonnet. 15-16.
N. A. Clark

Catching, Ringing and Marking: Cages and Boxes

Instructions for the Construction of Boxes Suitable for the Keeping of Waders. 19-20.
Jack Sheldon, Anthony Williams
Keeping-Cages and Keeping-Boxes. 21-22.
Nigel A. Clark

Catching, Ringing and Marking: Cramp Studies

Curlew, Cramp and Keeping Cages. 25.
Bainbridge Ian
Leg Paralysis in Captured Waders. 25-26.
G. H. Green
Further Notes on Curlew Cramp and Keeping Cages. 26-28.
D. J. Stanyard
Capture Myopathy "Cramp" in Waders. 29.
G. H. Green
Occurrence of 'Cramp' in a Catch of Bartailed Godwits Limosa Lapponica. 29-30.
C. D. T. Minton
Possible Capture Myopathy in Bartailed Godwits Limosa Lapponica in Australia. 30-33.
D. Purchase, C. D. T. Minton
Leg 'Cramp' and Endoparasites. 33.
David S. Melville
Valium Against Leg Cramp in Waders. 33-35.
Theunis Piersma, Anne-Marie Blomert, Marcel Klaassen
Stress Myopathy in Captured Waders. 35-36.
C. D. T. Minton

Catching, Ringing and Marking: Nesting Birds

Methods of Catching and Studying Breeding Waders. 39-40.
Peter Ferns, Harry Green
Methods of Catching and Studying Breeding Waders - An Addendum. 41.
G. H. Green, P. N. Ferns, R. M. Bishop
Methods of Catching and Studying Breeding Waders - Continued Again. 42.
Mike Pienkowski
Catching Breeding Waders on their Nests. 43-44.
Klaas Koopman, Jan Hulscher
Alternative Wader Catching. 44-46.
Kate Lessells, Roderick Leslie

Catching, Ringing and Marking: Rings and Flags

Ringing Oystercatchers. 49.
Rings above the "Knee". 49.
Ringwear on Turnstones. 49.
Christopher Clapham
Leg 'Flags': Temporary Colour Rings. 50.
L. R. Goodyer, F. Symonds, P. R. Evans
Permanent Leg Flags. 50.
Nigel A. Clark
Are Wader Flocks Random Grouping? - A Knotty Problem. 51-52.
Brian A. Harrington, Linda E. Leddy
Rationale and Suggestions for a Hemispheric Colour-Marking Scheme for Shorebirds: A Way to Avoid Chaos. 52-54.
J. P. Myers, J. C. Maron, E. Ortiz, G. V. Castro, M. A. Howe, R. I. G. Morrison, B. A. Harrington

Catching, Ringing and Marking: Radio-Telemetry

Radio-Tracking of Golden Plover Pluvialis Apricaria Chicks. 57-59.
D. W. Yalden
Attachment of Radio-Transmitters to Sandpipers: Review and Methods. 60-61.
Nils Warnock, Sarah Warnock

Catching, Ringing and Marking: Estimating Mortality

Estimating Pre-Fledging Mortality from Ringing Data: A Proposal. 65.
Barry J. Yates
Estimating the Prefledging Mortality of Waders: A Comment on Yates' Proposal. 65-66.
Christopher P. P. Redfern
Estimating Pre-Fledging Survival Rates: A Request for Information. 66.
R. E. Green

Morphometrics: Plumage and Ageing

Giving Details of Age for Oystercatchers on BTO Ringing Schedules. 69.
Chris Mead
Problems with the Ageing of Dunlins in Autumn. 69-70.
Jadwlga Gromadzka, Bogdan Przystupa
Ageing Criteria for Dunlins. 70-71.
Nigel Clark
Further Observations on the Wing Plumage of Dunlins. 71-72.
Jadwiga Gromadzka
Axillary Feathers Colour Patterns As Indicators of the Breeding Origin of Bar-Tailed Godwits. 73.
E. Nieboer, J. Cronau, R. De Goede, J. Letschert, T. van der Have
The Head Pattern of Black-Winged Stilts. 74.
Antonio Xeira
Ruffnet: A Ringing Study of Plumage and Behavioural Polymorphisms in Ruff. 75-76.
David B. Lank, Theunis Piersma

Morphometrics: Moult

On the Rate of Change of Moult Scores in Waders. 79.
R. W. Summers
Unbending Moult Data. 80-81.
R. W. Summers, R. L. Swann, M. Nicoll
Estimates of the Duration of the Primary Moult of the Redshank. 81.
R. W. Summers
Partial Primary Moult in First-Spring/Summer Common Sandpipers Actitis Hypoleucos. 82-83.
M. Nicoll, P. Kemp
Estimating the Parameters for Primary Moult - A New Statistical Model. 83-85.
L. G. Underhill
The Primary Moult of Breeding Dunlins Calidris Alpina in the Central Taymyr in 1989. 86-88.
Wojclech Kania
Relative Masses of Primary Feathers in Waders. 88-90.
L. G. Underhill, R. W. Summers

Morphometrics: Measurement and Adult Biometrics

Woodcock Research Group "IWRB". 93.
Monica Shorten
The Value of Bill Lengths of Museum Specimens in Biometrie Studies. 93-94.
Ron Summers
Seasonal Changes in Bill Lengths of Knots, and a Comment on Bill Measuring Techniques for Waders. 94-95.
Mike Pienkowski
Total Head Length. 96.
G. H. Green
A Simple "Head and Bill" Ruler. 97.
C. M. Reynolds
Correct Measurement of the Wing-Length of Waders. 97-98.
P. R. Evans
Biometrics in Waders. 98-101.
M. Engelmoer, C. S. Roselaar, E. Nieboer, G. G. Boere
Discriminant and Graphical Analyses of Norwegian Knot Biometrics: The Sex and Race Problem Revisited. 102-104.
A. G. Wood

Morphometrics: Egg and Chick Growth

Nomograms for Estimating the Stage of Incubation of Wader Eggs in the Field. 107-110.
Rhys Green
The Prediction of Hatching Dates of Lapwing Clutches. 110-112.
Hector Galbraith, Rhys Green
Estimating the Date of Hatching of Eggs of Golden Plover Pluvialis Apricaria. 113-114.
D. W. Yalden, P. E. Yalden
Growth of Common Sandpiper Chicks. 114-117.
P. K. Holland, D. W. Yalden
Predicting the Hatching Dates of Curlew Numenius Arquata Clutches. 117-119.
Murray C. Grant

Statistics and Data Handling

Introductory Statistics 1. 123-125.
Jeremy J. D. Greenwood
Introductory Statistics 2. 126-128.
Jeremy J. D. Greenwood
Introductory Statistics 3. 128-131.
Jeremy J. D. Greenwood
Introductory Statistics 4. 131-133.
Jeremy J. D. Greenwood
Introductory Statistics 5. 133-135.
Jeremy J. D. Greenwood
Random Distribution in Birds in Flocks: Significance Testing. 136-137.
Jeremy J. D. Greenwood
A Potential Bias in Log-Transformed Allometric Equations. 137-138.
A. G. Wood

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