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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 68 (1993)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Introduction. 1-2.
Nick Davidson, Phil Rothwell
Wader Disturbance: a Theoretical Overview. 3-5.
John Cayford
Effects of Disturbance on Shorebirds: a Summary of Existing Knowledge From the Dutch Wadden Sea and Delta Area. 6-19.
Cor J. Smit, George J. M. Visser
Disturbance of Foraging Knots By Aircraft in the Dutch Wadden Sea in August-October 1992. 20-22.
Anita Koolhaas, Anne Dekinga, Theunis Piersma
Experimental Wildlife Reserves in Denmark: a Summary of Results. 23-28.
Jesper Madsen
Studies on the Effects of Disturbances on Staging Brent Geese: a Progress Report. 29-34.
Martin Stock
The Uk Shooting Disturbance Project. 35-46.
Myrfyn Owen
Some Effects of Disturbance to Waterfowl From Bait-Digging and Wildfowling at Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve, North-East England. 47-52.
D. J. Townshend, D. A. Oconnor
Impact and Extent of Recreational Disturbance to Wader Roosts on the Dee Estuary: Some Preliminary Results. 53-58.
J. S. Kirby, C. Clee, V. Seager
Disturbance and Feeding Shorebirds on the Exe Estuary. 59-66.
J. D. Goss-Custard, N. Verboven
A Preliminary Study of the Effects of Disturbance on Feeding Wigeon Grazing on Eel-Grass Zostera. 67-71.
A. D. Fox, D. V. Bell, G. P. Mudge
Disturbance on Estuaries: Rspb Nature Reserve Experience. 72-78.
Graham Hirons, Gareth Thomas
Disturbance to Estuarine Birds: Other Reports and Papers. 79-82.
Nick Davidson
Kentish Plovers and Tourists: Competitors on Sandy Coasts?. 83-91.
Rainer Schulz, Martin Stock
The Impact of Tourism on Coastal Breeding Waders in Western and Southern Europe: An Overview. 92-96.
M. W. Pienkowski
Human Disturbance to Waterfowl on Estuaries: Conservation and Coastal Management Implications of Current Knowledge. 97-107.
N. C. Davidson, P. I. Rothwell

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