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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 67 (1993)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Conference Announcement. 1-4.
Constitution of the Wader Study Group. 5.
Membership List of the Wader Study Group. 6-18.
Reviews. 19.
J. G. Van Rhijn
Notes and News. 20-22.
Lys B. Muirhead, Robin M. Ward
Odessa. 23-27.
Recent Publications on Waders 57. 28-34.
Henk Koffijberg
Reviews. 35.
M. Moser, M. Finlayson
Conservation of Waterbirds and Wetlands in the East Asia Flyway and Objectives of a Flyway Network. 36.

Wader Workers Worldwide

Studies of Wader Migration in the Middle Asian - West Siberian Region. 69-73.
E. I. Gavrilov, A. E. Gavrilov, A. P. Savchenko
A Note on Oystercatchers From the Varangerfjord, Ne Norway. 74-78.
R. H. D. Lambeck, E. G. J. Wessel
The Effectiveness of Stomach-Flushing in Assessing Wader Diets. 79-80.
A. Paul Martin, Philip A. R. Hockey
The Collared Pratincole Glareola Pratincola in the National Park of Donana, South West Spain. 81-87.
B. Calvo, M. Manez, L. J. Alberto
Recent Ringing Recoveries. 88.

Western Hemisphere

Conservation of Stop-Over Areas for Migratory Waders: Grays Harbor, Washington. 37-40.
W. Herbert Wilson
Hudsonian Godwit Limosa Haemastica Migration in Southern Argentina. 41-43.
A. Harrington Brian, Chris Picone, Susana Lara Resende, Frans Leeuwenberg
A Coastal, Aerial Winter Shorebird Survey on the Sonora and Sinaloa Coasts of Mexico, January 1992. 44-49.
Brian A. Harrington
Shorebirds in Parita Bay, Panama. 50-52.
Francisco Delgado, Robert W. Butler
Shorebird Banding in Ecuador. 53.
Ring Recoveries of Finnish Dotterels Charadrius Morinellus. 54-56.
E. Pulliainen, L. Saari
Breeding Conditions for Waders in the Tundras of the Ussr in 1990. 57-62.
A. K. Yuvlov, Jadwiga Gromadzka
Notes on the Breeding Biology of the Kentish Plover in the Nile Delta. 63-65.
Olivier Pineau
A Strategy to Stop and Reverse Wetland Loss and Degradation in the Mediterranean Basin. 66-68.

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