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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 61, Supplement (1991)

Wader Study Group Bulletin
61, Supplement


Preface. 1-2.
Hermann Hotker

Chapter 1. General Aspects

What Makes a Meadow Bird a Meadow Bird? 3-5.
Albert J. Beintema
Reproductive Characteristics of Meadow Birds and Other European Waders. 6-11.
G. Henk Visser, Albert J. Beintema

Chapter 2. Waders On Wet Grasslands In Different European Countries

Status and Conservation of Meadow Birds in the Netherlands. 12-13.
Albert J. Beintema
Recent Population Estimates of Meadow-Breeding Waders in Belgium. 14-21.
Koen Devos, Patrick Meire, Eckhart Kuijken
Breeding Waders on Wet Grasslands Inland Sites in West Germany: Recent Data. 22-24.
Brigitte Klinner
Breeding Waders on Wet Grasslands Inland Sites in West Germany: Examples for Conservation Programmes. 25-26.
Eckhard Reinke
Waders Breeding on Wet Grasslands in France. 27-30.
Philippe J. Dubois, Roger Maheo, Hermann Hotker
Snipe on Wet Grasslands in Portugal. 31-32.
Rui Rufino, Renato Neves
Breeding Waders of Damp Lowland Grassland in Britain and Ireland. 33-35.
Ken W. Smith
Breeding Waders on British Estuarine Wet Grasslands. 36-41.
Nick Davidson
Breeding Waders and Wet Grassland Habitats in Denmark. 42-49.
John Frikke
Waders Breeding on Wet Grasslands in the Countries of the European Community - a Brief Summary of Current Knowledge on Population Sizes and Population Trends. 50-55.
Hermann Hotker

Chapter 3. Case Studies

Reproduction and Survival in a Declining Population of the Southern Dunlin Calidris Alpina Schinzii. 56-68.
Paul Eric Jonsson
Guarding Your Mate and Losing the Egg: An Oystercatchers Dilemma. 69-70.
Bruno J. Ens
Nest Defence By Black-Tailed Godwits on the Ouse Washes, Cambridgeshire, England. 71-72.
Jeff S. Kirby, Rhys E. Green
Hatching- and Fledging Success of Some Meadow Birds on Parcels of Land Cultivated With Different Intensity. 73-77.
Hugo Witt
Population Trends and Studies on Breeding Waders at the Nature-Reserve Tipperne. 78-81.
Ole Thorup
Grazing to Improve Wader Habitat on Alkaline Meadows in Eastern Austria. 82-85.
Bernhard Kohler, Georg Rauer

Chapter 4. Discussion and Recommendations

Discussion. 86.
Michael W. Pienkowski
Recommendations. 87-88.
Michael W. Pienkowski
Rekommendationer. 89-90.
Paul Eric Jonsson
Rekommendationer. 91-92.
Lars Maltha Rasmussen
Empfehlungen. 93-94.
Brigitte Klinner
Aanbevelingen. 95-96.
Albert J. Beintema
Recommandations. 97-98.
Sophie Bouche
Raccomandazioni. 99-100.
Nicola Baccetti
Recomendaciones. 101-102.
Alejandro Perez-Hurtado
Recomendacoes. 103-104.
Rui Rufino
Προτάσεις (Suggestions).105.
Vassilis Goutner

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