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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 58 (1990)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Wader Study Group Annual General Meeting, Comacchio - Lido Degli Estensi, Italy, 6 October 1990. 1-6.
Wader Study Group Annual Conference, Comacchio, Italy, 5-8 October 1990. 6.
Wader Notes and News. 7-9.
Nick Davidson
The Feeding Ecology of Wintering Eiders Somateria Mollissia and Common Scoters Melanitta Nigra on the Baltic Sea Coast of Schleswlg-Holstein, Frg. 10-12.
J. Meissner, S. Brager
Nest-Site Selection of the Collared Pratincole Glareola Pratincola in the Province of Sevilla, Spain. 13-15.
B. Calvo, L. J. Alberto
Population Trends of Selected Wader Species in Portugal, 1975-1989. 15-19.
Rui Rufino
Weights and Duration of Stays in Ruffs Philomachus Pugnax During Spring Migration: Some Data From Italy. 19-22.
Lorenzo Serra, Ariele Magnani, Nicola Baccetti
Body Condition of Purple Sandpipers Calidrls Maritima Wintering in North-East England. 22-24.
Nick Davidson
Shorebirds Charadriiformes of the Pichavaram Maragroves, Tamil Nadu, India. 24-27.
K. Sampath, K. Krishnamurthy
Seasonal Variation in the Wader Population of the Banyuasin Delta, South Sumatra, Indonesia. 28-35.
W. J. M. Verheugt, F. Danielsen, H. Skov, A. Purwoko, R. Kadarisman, U. Suwarman
Measurements, Weights and Moult of Waders on the Bang Darguin, Mauritania, October 1988. 35-48.
Rob Lensink, Peter L. Meininger
Bias in the Collection of Mussel Shells Opened By Oystercatchers. 48-49.
J. Speakman
Bias in the Collection of Mussel Shells Opened By Oystercatchers: a Reply to Speakman. 49-50.
J. T. Cayford
Reviews. 52-53.
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 56. 53-54.
Recent Recoveries of Waders. 54-57.
Phil Holland

New World Section

When Does the Willet Plough the Water to Catch Fish?. 50-51.
R. Mcneil, J. R. Rodriguez

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