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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 57 (1989)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Minutes of the WSG Annual General Meeting, Ribe, Denmark, 23 September 1989. 1.
Wader Study Group Annual Meeting, Comacchio - Lido Degli Estensi, Italy, 5-8 October 1990. 2-3.
Wader Notes and News. 4-7.
Nick Davidson
Wader Study Group Annual Meeting and the 8Th International Waterfowl Feeding Ecology Symposium, Ribe, Denmark, 18-24 September 1989. 8.
Abstracts of Papers and Talks From the 8Th International Waterfowl Feeding Ecology Symposium, Ribe, Denmark, 18-21 September 1989. 9-26.
Wader Breeding Performance in Different Habitats - a Review. 27-28.
Peter Evans
Wader Surveys on the Coast of Tanzania. 28-29.
T. Bregneballe, I. K. Petersen, K. Halberg, O. Thorup, L. Hansen
Where the Wild Waders Wander. 29-33.
Bruno Ens
Ruffnet: the 1989 Progress Report. 34-35.
David Lank, Theunis Piersma
The Eastern Mediterranean Wader Project 1990. 35-36.
The Autumn Migration of Waders in the Puszta Hortobagyi. 36-39.
J. Van Lmpe
Breeding Conditions for Waders in the Tundras of the Ussr in 1988. 40-41.
Pavel Tomkovich
Parental Roles and the Mating System of the Long-Toed Stint Calidris Subminuta. 42-43.
Pavel S. Tomkovich
Review: Bulletin of the Working Group on Waders Ussr. 43-44.
M. G. Wilson
The Birds of Estuaries Enquiry - Results From the 1988-89 Winter. 45-46.
R. P. Prys-Jones, J. S. Kirby
Numbers, Distribution and Habitat Preferences of Waders Wintering on the Isles of Scilly. 47-52.
U. S. Kirby
Recent Publications on Waders 49. 58-64.
Gudmundur A. Gudmundsson
Recent Ringing Totals. 64-74.
Robin M. Ward
Recent Recoveries of Waders. 75-76.
Phil Holland

New World Section

Surveys and Conservation of Piping Plovers in Canada. 53-57.
J. Paul Goosen

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