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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 49, Supplement (1987)

Wader Study Group Bulletin
49, Supplement


Introduction. 1-2.
N. C. Davidson, M. W. Pienkowski
Acknowledgements. 2.

Part 1. Reviews of Wader Flyways

Wader Migration Systems in East Asia and Australasia. 4-14.
D. Parish, B. Lane, P. Sagar, P. Tomkovitch
Wader Migration Systems in Southern and Eastern Africa and Western Asia. 15-34.
R. W. Summers, L. G. Underhill, D. J. Pearson, D. A. Scott
Wader Migration Systems in the East Atlantic. 35-56.
T. Piersma, A. J. Beintema, N. C. Davidson, Oag Munster, M. W. Pienkowski
Wader Migration Systems in the New World. 57-69.
R. J. G. Morrison, J. P. Myers

Part 2. Some Recent Studies on the Distributions and Migrations of Waders

The Importance of Sierra Leone for Wintering Waders. 71-75.
A. Tye, H. Tye
Palearctic Waders in Coastal Ghana in 1985/86. 76-78.
Y. Ntiamoa-Baidu, A. Grieve
Studies on the Breeding Origins of Waders in the Dutch Wadden Sea: a Progress Report. 79.
M. Engelmoer, G. Boere, E. Nieboer, C. Roselaar
The Spring Migration System of Nearctic Knots Calidris Canutus Islandica: a Re Appraisal. 80-84.
J. D. Uttley, C. J. Thomas, N. C. Davidson, K.-B. Strann, P. R. Evans
The Migration of Waders Through North-East Iceland. 85-89.
J. P. Whitfield, J. Magnusson
Recent Papers on Flyway Populations in WSG Bulletin. 90-91.
Breeding Waders in Europe. 92-93.
T. Piersma

Part 3. Approaches to Flyway Conservation

Problems in Maintaining Breeding Habitat, With Particular Reference to Peatland Waders. 95-101.
M. W. Pienkowski, D. A. Stroud, T. M. Reed
Threats to Breeding Waders: the Impact of Changing Agricultural Land-Use on the Breeding Ecology of Lapwings. 102-104.
H. Galbraith
Threats to Coastal Wintering and Staging Areas of Waders. 105-113.
C. J. Smit, R. H. D. Lambeck, W. J. Wolff
International Conventions. 114-117.
M. Smart
The Effectiveness of European Agreements for Wader Conservation. 118-121.
L. A. Batten
The Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network. 122-124.
J. P. Myers, P. D. Mclain, R. I. G. Morrison, P. Z. Antas, P. Canevari, B. A. Harrington, T. E. Lovejoy, V. Pulido, M. Sallaberry, S. E. Senner
Conservation of Wader Habitats in Coastal West Africa. 125-127.
I. R. Hepburn
Conservation of Wader Habitats in India. 128-131.
S. A. Hussain
Conservation of Wader Habitats in East Asia. 132-134.
D. Parish
Conservation of Wader Habitats in Australasia. 135-138.
B. A. Lane, P. M. Sagar
Habitat Restoration and Creation: Its Role and Potential in the Conservation of Waders. 139-145.
N. C. Davidson, P. R. Evans
Socio-Economic Considerations in Protecting Shorebird Sites in the Developing World: Some Priorities and Implications for the Direction of Future Research. 146-148.
P. J. Dugan

Part 4. Future Directions for the Research and Conservation of Flyway Populations of Waders

Part 4. Future Directions for the Research and Conservation of Flyway Populations of Waders. 149-150.
N. C. Davidson, M. W. Pienkowskl, J. P. Myers, M. E. Moser
List of Participants. 151.

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