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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 49 (1987)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Subscriptions for 1987 - a Reminder. 1.
Delays in the Publication of This Bulletin. 1.
Improvements to Bulletin Appearance. 1.
Proposals for a Subscrption Increase. 2.
The Conservation of International Flyway Populations of Waders. 2.
Publication of the Results of the 1979 WSG Siberian Knot Spring Migration Project. 2.
Wader Study Group Annual General Meeting, Baltic Youth Centre, Gdansk, Poland, 26 September 1987. 3-6.
Wader Study Group Annual Meeting and AGM, Gdansk, Poland, 25-28 September 1987. 7-8.
WSG Surveys of Breeding Waders in the Outer Hebrides, 1986. 8.
R. J. Fuller
Continuing Mysteries of the Spring Migration of Siberian Knots: a Progress Note. 9-10.
Theunis O. Piersma, Denis Bredin, Peter Prokosch
Observations on the Waders of Eqalungmiut Nunaat, West Greenland. 11-13.
A. D. Fox
Some Notes on the Status, Field Identification and Foraging Characteristics of Nordmanns Greenshank Tringa Guttifer. 14-17.
John Howes, Frank Lambert
Constraint and Restraint in Breeding Birds. 18-19.
David Atkinson, D. B. A. Thompson
Identifying the Major Wintering Grounds of Palearctic Waders Along the Atlantic Coast of Africa From Marine Charts. 20-27.
Alan Tye
WSG International Project on Black-Winged Stilts: Second Progress Report. 27-28.
Philippe J. Dubois
Reviews and Abstracts. 29.
Recent Publications on Waders 41. 30-38.
Theunis Piersma
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 48. 38.
Ringing Totals for 1986. 39-40.
Chris Thomas
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 41-44.
Nigel Clark, Jacquie Clark

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