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The Auk, Volume 9, Number 2 (1892)



Young Sapsuckers In Captivity. 109-119.
Frank Bolles.
Observations on the Birds of Jamaica West Indies. 120-129.
W. E. D. Scott.
Summer Birds of the Crest of the Pennsylvania Alleghanies. 129-141.
Jonathan Dwight Jr.
A Description of the Adult Male of Botaurus Neoxenus (Cory) With Additional Notes on the Species. 141-142.
W. E. D. Scott.
Habits of the Black-Bellied Plover (Charadrius Squatarola) In Massachusetts. 143-152.
George H. Mackay.
Our Scoters. 153-160.
G. Trumbull.
Hybridism and a Description of a Hybrid Between Anas Boschas and Anas Americana. 160-166.
D. G. Elliot.
Description of a New Turkey. 167-169.
George B. Sennett.
The Dwarf Screech Owl (Megascops Flammeolus Idahoensis Merriam). 169-171.
Dr. C. Hart Merriam.
Notes and News. 207-208.

General Notes

An Egg of the Great Auk. 198.
Frederic A. Lucas.
The Pacific Eider In Kansas. 198.
F. H. Snow.
Wintering of the Canvasback In Arizona. 198.
Elliott Coues.
Anas Carolinensis and Gallinago Delicata In Winter. 199.
George H. Mackay.
The Migration of Charadrius Dominicus In Massachusetts In 1891. 199-200.
George H. Mackay.
The Golden Eagle In Ohio. 200.
Harry C. Oberholser.
The Golden Eagle In Pennsylvania. 200.
M. W. Raub.
The Whippoorwill Wintering Near Charleston South Carolina. 201.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Melanerpes Carolinus In Madison County New York In Winter. 201.
Gerrit S. Miller Jr.
Nesting of the Golden Eagle In Arizona. 201.
Elliott Coues.
The Prairie Horned Lark (Otocoris Alpestris Praticola) Breeding In New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 201-202.
Walter Faxon.
The Prairie Horned Lark In Northeastern Pennsylvania. 202.
Jonathan Dwight Jr.
Some Bird Notes From Litchfield Connecticut. 202.
Lewis B. Woodruff.
A Correction. 202.
Witmer Stone.
Some Birds Recently Added To the Collection of the New York State Museum. 203.
Wm. B. Marshall.
Winter Birds of Cape May New Jersey. 203-204.
Witmer Stone.
Notes on a Few Louisiana Birds. 204-206.
Frank E. Coombs.
An Overlooked Volume. 206.
J. H. Pleasants Jr.

Recent Literature

PackardS The Labrador Coast.. 171.
J. A. Allen.
Lucas on the Osteology of the Parid[Ae] Sitta and Cham[Ae]A. 172.
J. A. Allen.
Lucas on the Structure of the Tongue In Hummingbirds. 172.
J. A. Allen.
Lucas on the Bird Skeletons Collected By the U. S. Fish Commission Steamer Albatross.. 172.
J. A. Allen.
Cherrie on Costa Rican Birds. 173.
J. A. Allen.
Shufeldt on the Osteology of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Water Birds. 173-174.
J. A. Allen.
Shufeldt on the Osteology and Classification of the North American Pigeons Woodpeckers and Kites. 174.
J. A. Allen.
Ridgway on New or Little-Known Central American and South Amercan Birds. 174-175.
J. A. Allen.
Ridgway and BendireS Directions For Collecting and Preparing Birds and Their Eggs and Nests. 175-176.
J. A. Allen.
Stejneger on the Cubital Coverts In the Birds of Paradise and Bower Birds. 176.
J. A. Allen.
Stejneger on a Collection of Birds From Japan. 176.
J. A. Allen.
Stone on the Birds of HarveyS Lake Luzerne County Pennsylvania. 176-177.
J. A. Allen.
Allen on the North American Colaptes. 177-179.
C. F. B.
Chapman on the Origin of the Avifauna of the Bahamas. 179-180.
J. A. Allen.
Chapman on the Grackles of the Subgenus Quiscalus. 180-182.
C. F. B.
Newton on Fossil Birds.. 183.
J. A. Allen.
Sclater on the Geographical Distribution of Birds. 183-184.
J. A. Allen.
Sclater and Shelley on the Scansores and Coccyges. 184.
J. A. Allen.
HartertS Catalogue of the Birds In the Museum of the Senckenberg Natural History Society. 185.
J. A. Allen.
Leverk. 185-186.
J. A. Allen.
J. 186.
J. A. Allen.
Minor Ornithological Publications. 187-196.
C. F. B.
Publications Received. 196-197.
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