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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 46 (1986)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Another Apology. 1.
Changes in the Administration of WSG Colour-Marking Register. 1.
An Apology. 1.
Subscriptions for 1986 - a Reminder. 1.
WSG Annual General Meeting, Oatridge Agricultural College, Broxburn, Scotland, 13 September 1986. 1-4.
WSG Annual Meeting and Workshop on the Conservation of International Flyway Populations of Waders, Oatridge Agricultural College, Scotland, 12-14 September 1986. 4-6.
WSG Surveys of Breeding Waders in the Outer Hebrides in 1985 - a Progress Report. 6-7.
R. J. Fuller
WSG Project on the Effects of Severe Weather on Waders: Sixth Progress Report. 7-8.
N. A. Clark, N. C. Davidson
International Wader Migration Studies Along the East Atlantic Flyway: a Progress Report for Spring 1986. 9.
N. C. Davidson, T. Piersma
WSG International Project on Black-Winged Stilts: First Progress Report. 10-11.
P. J. Dubois
Bto/WSG Breeding Wader Monitoring Scheme. 12.
Ken Smith
Wintering and Migrating Waders in the Mediterranean. 13-15.
J. Cor Smit
Diurnal and Seasonal Variability in the Breeding Behaviour and Detectability of Snipe. 15-17.
T. M. Reed
The Migration of Shorebirds Through North-East Iceland. 18-20.
J. R. Wilson
The Effect of Severe Weather in January and February 1985 on the Condition of Dunlins and Redshanks on the Orwell Estuary. 21-24.
Roger Beecroft, Reg Clark
The Effect of Plantation Proximity on Moorland Breeding Waders. 25-28.
David A. Stroud, Tim M. Reed
Notes on the Biometrics and Egg Measurements of Breeding Dunlins in Sutherland, Scotland. 29-30.
John Barrett, Catrina Barrett
A Method of Roping a Cannon-Net. 31-32.
Nigel A. Clark
Keeping-Cages and Keeping-Boxes. 32-33.
Nigel A. Clark
The Status of Golden Plovers in the Peak Park, England in Relation to Access and Recreational Disturbance. 34-35.
D. W. Yalden
The Taff Estuary Under Threat. 35-36.
Shelley Hinsley
Reviews. 42.
Recent Publications on Waders 38. 42-48.
Theunis Piersma
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 49-52.
Nigel Clark, Jacquie Clark
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 45. 52.

New World Section

Copper River Delta/Orca Inlet Facilities. 37.
Age and Sex Composition of Wintering Dunlin Populations in Western Washington. 37-41.
J. R. Buchanan, J. R. Buchanan, L. A. Brennan, C. T. Schick, S. G. Herman, T. M. Johnson

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