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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 44 (1985)

Publication Information
Wader Study Group Bulletin


Annual General Meeting of the Wader Study Group, La Rochelle, France, 5 October 1985. 1-3.
Wader Study Group Annual Meeting and Agm, La Rochelle, France, 5-7 October 1985. 4-5.
Canon-Net Material for Sale. 6.
Correction. 6.
Ghana Signs Bird Protection Agreement. 6.
Bto Wader Conference. 6.
Current Colour-Marking Schemes. 7-9.
D. J. Townsherd, Hector Galbraith, Chris Thomas
The Effects of Severe Weather in January and February 1985 on Waders in Britain. 10-16.
N. C. Davidson, N. A. Clark
The Winter Shorebird Count: a Progress Report. 16.
Ron Summers, Mike Moser
International Wader Migration Studies Along the East Atlantic Flyway During Spring 1985: Second Progress Report. 17-18.
Therunis Piersma
The Wintering Grounds of the Black-Tailed Godwit in West Africa. 18-20.
Wibe Altenburg, Jan Van Der Kamp, Albert Beintema
Abundance of Waders in the Nakdong Estuary, South Korea, in September 1984. 21-26.
Theunis Piersma
Estimating the Parameters for Primary Moult - a New Statistical Model. 27-29.
L. G. Underhill
Autumn Wader Migration in Bahrain. 30-32.
Graham Tucker
Further Observations on the Wing Plumage of Dunlins. 32-33.
Jadwiga Gromadzka
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 43-46.
Nigel Clark, Jacquie Clark
Recent Publications on Waders No. 56. 47-52.
Therunis Piersma
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 43. 53-54.

New World Section

Biochemical Genetic Studies of Shorebirds: Methods and Applications. 34-39.
Allan J. Baker, Alejandro Lynch, Carol Edwards
Shorebirds in South-West Florida. 40-41.
Theodore H. Below
Sanderlings Do Not Drive Across the Gulf of Mexico. 42.
J. P. Myers

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