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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 42 (1984)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Wader Bibliographies. 1.
Subscriptions for 1985 Now Due. 1.
Addresses of Members: An Important Request. 1.
New Subscription Rates for Institutions and Subscription Agencies. 1.
Minutes of the Wader Study Group Annual General Meeting Held at Worcester College of Higher Education on 1 September 1984. 2.
Wader Study Group Agm and Autumn Meeting, La Rochelle, France. 5-6 October 1985. 3.
Spring Migration of Ruffs. 3-4.
International Wader Migration Studies Along the East Atlantic Flyway During Spring 1985. 5-9.
WSG International Project on Black-Winged Stilts. 10-11.
Phillipe Dubois
Current Colour-Marking Schemes. 12-14.
D. J. Townsherd
Abstracts of Talks Given at the Wader Study Group Annual Meeting, Worcesier, U.K., 1-2 September 1984. 15-17.
Request for Information. 17.
Barnacle Geese, Pink-Footed Geese
On Waders in Worcestersauce: a Personal View of the 1984 Annual Wader Study Group Meeting. 18.
Cor Smit
Estimation of the Protein Reserves of Waders : Tre Use and Misuse of Standard Muscle Volume. 19-22.
Theunis Piersma, Nick Davidson, Peter Evans
Time-Budgets of Transient Greenshanks in Denmark. 23-24.
Arne Kiis
Nomograms for Estimating the Stage of Incubation of Wader Eggs in the Field. 36-39.
Rhys Green
Ageing Criteria for Dunlins. 39.
Nigel Clark
Waders Killed Py Hailstorm. 40.
Frank Mawby
The Use of Salinas By Waders in the Algarve, South Portugal. 41-42.
Rui Rufino, Antonio Araujo, Joao P. Pina, Pedro S. Miranda
Autumn and Winter Numbers of Waders in the Tejo Estuary, Portugal. 43-44.
Rui Rufino
Request for Information. 44.
Aspects of Censusing Breeding Lapwings. 45-47.
John Barratt, Catrina Barratt
Request for Information. 47.
Recent Publications on Waders. 48-55.
Theunis Piersma
Review. 56.
Neil Metcalfe
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 57-59.
Nigel Clark, Jacquie Clark
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 41. 60.

New World Section

Abstracts of Talks on Shorebirds Given at the Aou Annual Meeting, Lawrence, Kansas, 6-9 August 1984. 25.
The Pan American Shorebird Program: a Progress Report. 26-30.
J. P. Myers, Gonzalo Castro, Brian Harrington, Marshall Howe, John Maron, Enrique Ortiz, C. T. Sclticfc, Elier Tabilo
Notes on the Predators, Especially the Peregrine, of Sanderlings on the Peruvian Coast. 31-32.
Luis E. Bertochi, Gonzalo Castro, J. P. Myers
Sounds of Shorebirds 2. Evolution. 33-35.
Edward H. Miller

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