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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 40 (1984)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


New Technology for 1984. 1.
G. H. Green
Technology and WSG Bulletin - Or, How We Got Back on Schedule. 1-3.
M. W. Pienkowski
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Wader Study Group, Held at Haamstede, the Netherlands, 19 November 1983. 3-4.
Annual General Meeting of the Wader Study Group : Worcester, U.K., 1 September 1984. 4.
Wader Study Group Meeting 1984: Worcester, U.K., 31 August to 2 September. 4-5.
New Wader Study Group Advisory Panel. 6.
Estimating Pre-Fledging Survival Rates: a Request for Information. 7.
R. E. Green
Breeding Waders of Lowland Grasslands - a New Wsg/Bto Project. 7.
Ken Smith
Some Differences in the Ways That Observers Estimate Numbers of Waders Breeding at High Density. 8-11.
R. J. Fuller
WSG Project on the Movements of Wader Populations in Western Europe: Ninth Progress Report. 11-14.
M. W. Pienkowski, Ann Pienkowski
Inland Wader Counts - Third Progress Report. 15-17.
Oag Munster
The African Seabird Group. 29.
Abstracts of Talks Given at the Wader Study Group Annual Meeting, Haamstede, the Netherlands, 19-20 November 1983. 30-36.
Winter Mortality of Adult Oystercatchers on the Exe Estuary. 37-38.
J. D. Goss-Custard, S. E. A. Le V. Dit Durell
Injuries to Oystercatchers Wintering and Breeding Inland in North-West England. 39-41.
K. B. Briggs
Repeated Polygyny By Oystercatchers. 42-44.
K. B. Briggs
Fluctuations in the Number of Wintering Waders at Burntisland Bay, the Firth of Forth: a Comparison With Birds of Estuaries Data. 44-48.
John Barrett, Catrina F. Barrett
Estimates of Wader Numbers During Midwinter in Northern Adriatic Coastal Wetlands. 49-50.
Fabio Perco
WSG Autumn Meeting 1983 - An Inside View. 50-51.
Steve Percival, Digger Jackson
The Effects of Predators Upon Shorebird Populations in the Non-Breeding Season. 51-54.
D. J. Townshend
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 54-56.
Nigel Clark, Jacqui Clark
Recent Publications on Waders. 57-67.
Theunis Piersma
Ringing Totals for 1983. 68-69.
Reviews and Abstracts. 70-72.
M. W. Pienkowski, R. W. Summers, A. G. Wood
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 39. 72.

New World Section

Behavioral Ecology of the Mountain Plover in Northeastern Colorado. 18-21.
Brian J. Mccaffery, Tex A. Sordahl, Peter Zahler
Notes on the 1983 Distribution of Sanderlings Along the United States Pacific Coast. 22-26.
J. P. Myers, C. T. Schick, C. J. Hohenberger
Winter Densities of Sanderling in Coastal North Carolina. 27-29.
Jeffrey R. Walters

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