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The Auk, Volume 9, Number 1 (1892)



The Breeding Habits of the Florida Burrowing Owl (Speotyto Cunicularia Floridana). 1-8.
Samuel N. Rhoads.
Observations on the Birds of Jamaica West Indies. 9-15.
W. E. D. Scott.
Habits of the Eskimo Curlew (Numenius Borealis) In New England. 16-21.
George H. Mackay.
A Preliminary List of the Birds of San Jos. 21-27.
George K. Cherrie.
A Further Review of the Avian Fauna of Chester County South Carolina. 28-39.
Leverett M. Loomis.
A Preliminary List of the Birds of the GrayS Harbor Region Washington. 39-47.
R. H. Lawrence.
A List of Birds Taken on Maraguana WatlingS Island and Inagua Bahamas During July August September and October 1891. 48-49.
Charles B. Cory.
Notes on the Range and Habits of the Carolina Parrakeet. 49-56.
Amos W. Butler.
Ninth Congress of the American Ornithologists Union. 56-59.
Notes and News. 74-76.
Errata. 108.

General Notes

The Black Tern At Prince Edward Island. 71.
Frank H. Hitchcock.
Late Breeding of Columbigallina Passerina. 72.
Arthur T. Wayne.
A Belated Migrant. 72.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Calidris Arenaria In Massachusetts In Winter. 72.
George H. Mackay.
Junco Hyemalis In Eastern Massachusetts In June. 72-73.
E. F. Holden.
Distribution of the Species of Peuc[Ae]A In Cooke County Texas. 73.
Geo H. Ragsdale.
Thryothorus Ludovicianus In Massachusetts. 73-74.
C. F. Batchelder.
Notes From Springfield Massachusetts. 74.
Robert O. Morris.

Recent Literature

The New Nuttall. 59-61.
J. A. Allen.
BollesS Land of the Lingering Snow.. 62.
J. A. Allen.
ShufeldtS Myology of the Raven.. 62.
J. A. Allen.
KeyserS Bird-Dom.. 63.
J. A. Allen.
Scott B. WilsonS Aves Hawaiienses. 63-64.
L. S.
MacfarlaneS Notes on Arctic Birds. 64.
C. F. B.
FanninS Check List of British Columbia Birds.. 65.
C. F. B.
Chapman on the Birds of Corpus Christi. 65-66.
C. F. B.
Chapman On the Color Pattern of the Upper Tail-Coverts In Colaptes Auratus.. 66.
C. F. B.
Minor Ornithological Publications. 66-69.
C. F. B.
Publications Received. 70-71.


The Inheritance of Acquired Characters. 77-104.
D. G. Elliot.
Fourth Supplement To the American Ornithologists Union Check-List of North American Birds. 105-108.
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